Do YOU have what it takes to put a twinkle in SEGA’s eye?

Do YOU have what it takes to put a twinkle in SEGA’s eye?

SEGA stated to the press today that at this years Game Connection events they’re looking for something ‘New and Original.’

Games reported that the company will be attending among other big names in the gaming world to discuss new business strategies and search for new game ideas that hope to drive their role in the gaming industry.

I have never heard of this event before and personally I think that it is a very good idea. Speaking from a trainee Games Designers point of view, this opens a huge opportunity for creative individuals who have the experience along with wanting to get noticed to pitch their ideas and goals to big companies like SEGA.

If you’re part of an Indie games company and wish to be noticed by someone like SEGA, Games Connection sounds like the best damn opportunity you’re going to get!

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