Sonic Rush Adventure US Site Open

Sonic Rush Adventure US Site Open

SEGA of America have released the official Sonic Rush Adventure game site today! You can access it though the link in the ‘LINKS’ part of this report. Please be aware that the website is in flash. A lot of information is availiable for viewing, including new zone screenshots, music and general information about the game.Just follow the link road and all shall be revealed. Blaze is confirmed as being ‘playable’ in gameplay.

For those unable to view the site, the stry revealed there is as follows;

One day, a mysterious energy signal appears on Tails’ radar and he quickly grabs Sonic to go and investigate. As they fly further and further, a sudden storm comes and bowls them way off course. Soon after, Tails loses control of the plane and they go into a tail-spin over one of the islands.

The two of them emerge from the crash just fine but are very lost, so they set off to find some help. Soon they meet an excitable person named Marine, who tells them that they’ve landed on Southern Island. She never stops talking for a second and she’s all in a tizzy that her dreams of sailing the world have been shipwrecked. Tails is a wiz at fixing things and he helps her rebuild her ship in the hopes that it may help him and Sonic find a way back home.

While Sonic explores the island for materials, Tails starts building and produces four ships. With these fast action vessels, Sonic has a blast racing across the high seas where he discovers not only hidden isands but also a sneaky band of pirates on a hunt for (You get three guesses) a. new boots, b. Fresh pineapple or c. Treasure.

You guessed it, these tricksters, led by the notorious Captain Whisker, have piles of loot in their sights and they’re not going to let anyone get in their way – especially not Sonic the Hedgehog. Though he’s fast and they haven’t been able to slow him down yet, they aim to put Sonic out of the race for their precious jewels.

Strangely enough, as Sonic races through the chaotic world, Blaze appears. What has brought her from her alternate dimension? It’s up to you to unravel the mystery!

Sonic Rush Adventure has an American release date of the 18th of September 2007.

Many thanks to .:Dark.Prowl:. for the tip-off!

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