Sonic The Hedgehog Movie In Pre-Production?

Sonic The Hedgehog Movie In Pre-Production?

Rumours have been flying around the Internet for years now about a Sonic The Hedgehog motion picture, however, one of these trails it seems may finally come into fruition. Film maker Richard Kuta has been working on an animated film based on the series known commonly to fans as Sonic SatAM, and has recently received approval for the project from Soloakai Animation.

After successful negotiations with SEGA throughout last year, Kuta and his co-writer initially pitched the film to IDT Entertainment, who mulled over the idea before eventually rejecting it. Since then the team proposed the film to Solokai Animation, who were more than happy to take the project onboard.

With a studio on the project now and the likely green light from SEGA, it is likely that the project will go ahead and we will see the film in years to come. While the writers have been understandably mum on specific details, SONIC NEWS can confirm that they intend to emulate the art style of the original SatAM series in the film. UPDATE: New information indicates the film will be CGI Animation and not an emulation of the original SatAM animation.

With the release of the original series on DVD fast approaching, this could not came at a better time for SatAM fans who have been legion since the show’s abrupt end in 1995.

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