New Sonic and the Secret Rings Info

New Sonic and the Secret Rings Info

British gaming magazine Games Master have revealed a plethora of new information about the soon to be released Sonic and the Secret Rings for Nintendo Wii.

The following information is taken from The Wiire’s report.
According to Games Master, Sonic and the Secret Rings will feature 10 different levels, five of which being Sand Oasis, Dinosaur Jungle, Evil Foundry, Levitated Ruin and Pirate Storm. Each level has 10 missions such as stealth attack, rampage, chain challenge, beat the clock, and more.

In addition, Sonic’s skills will be customizable, with upwards of 100 available to learn. These skills affect everything from Sonic’s handling, to moveset, to special abilities – such as slowing down time or speed boosting. Experience points are earned through the game that grant players access to these abilities, but only four can be maintained at any given time (through rings Sonic wears).

Games Master also noted that Sonic and the Secret Rings will feature over 40 different multiplayer mini-games. Characters such as Tails, Knuckles and Amy Rose are expected to be playable during multiplayer, but the main game is strictly devoted to Sonic.

Much of this news, especially Sonic being the only character playable in the main game, is a dream come true for fans who have longed for such in recent titles. How well will Sonic’s Wii d├ębut be received? With the slated Spring 2007 release approaching quickly all will be revealed soon enough.

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