Sonic Movie a Hoax? [UPDATE]

Sonic Movie a Hoax? [UPDATE]

Sonique of Fans United for SatAM has spoken to Sonic News about the recent story of a possible Sonic movie in the works, stating that Richard Kuta’s chances of actually getting the project off the ground is slim.

Richard Kuta is NOT a film maker. What films has he made? None. Nada, zero zip, zilch. He’s just a guy who’s been banned from almost every Sonic forum ever made who has a dream. That’s it.” Sonique said in an email. “He’s never even written anything above fanfiction.

Interesting evidence and searching reveals no information on the animation company ‘Soloakai’ either. Sonique states that findings point to the group being makers of flash animations rather than a professional major movie production team. Our research only found the name ‘Soloakai’ on our own news reports.

Further contentions state that rather than being in apparently deep ‘negotiations’ with SEGA America, Kuta instead liaised with a SEGA representative who told him that he would pass the idea to the Japanese offices. The final word according to an initial private message, was that if an animation team, writing staff, storyboard editors and generally the entire funding for the project, then SEGA would ‘consider’ the possibility.

These comments hold a fair bit of water, considering Kuta is in places believed to be the creator of SatAM – an extremely high accolade to achieve at 11 years old (his myspace currently details him as 25).

So is a Sonic movie likely at all? Sonique doesn’t seem to think so. “A green light is very unlikely now. The Sonic fanchise is failing. Look at the numbers. How much does it cost for a CGI film to be made? At least 45 million. Sega does not have that kind of funding at all. Neither does Solika whatever and neither does Richard Kuta.” What do you think though? Feel free to post in the comments box below.

Sonic News originally covered this story on Saturday, stating that the project was a rumour that appeared to be making moves towards production. Even though we listed it as a rumour and slim possibility, we apologise if any of our readers took the story as confirmation of a solid movie in the works.

The Sonic Stadium contacted Richard Kuta and SEGA but no comment has yet to be made by either party. Sonic News will keep you updated on any future change in the situation. In the meantime, don’t hold your breath.

UPDATE: Well what a mess this is, eh? Further digging has revealed that ‘Solokai’ (note the absence of the first ‘a’ from Soloakai) does exist, and is listed as a bona fide CGI company. However, closer inspection of the corporate website shows that the Solokai website is nothing more than a website resume of a prospective CGI/moviemaker artist. If anything this might show that Kuta and the one-man-band Solokai studio might be in cohorts to make a very low-staffed ‘fanfilm’, that could turn into an official movie at some point in the future.

SEGA have returned our enquiries with the following statement: “…although without it being an official comment or anything, no rights for any Sonic movies have been granted by SOA.

So it appears that Richard Kuta and the one-man studio are serious about the prospects of a Sonic movie. Yet, claims by Kuta of deep negotiations with SEGA America appear to be unfounded, and even though they are serious about making an official Sonic movie, it appears to be no indication that one will ever be eventually made. Why Kuta revealed preproduction plans for a film that was never greenlighted to begin with – and likely to be nothing more than a convenient dream at this stage – remains unknown.

Excited about a first-time film project working with SEGA, or rampant fanfilm/fan fiction opportunism? As always, speak your mind in the comments box.

UPDATE II: Richard Kuta has posted in the original topic Sonic News linked to on Saturday’s news report, as well as the comments page in this story, confirmation that the movie has not yet been greenlighted. An email from SEGA to Kuta clarifies the situation that “Sega has not “relinguished legal consent” to you [Richard] in any way to pursue the production of a Sonic movie… We have merely spoken about your interest in securing financing and producing a Sonic movie. As you have yet to even submit a proposal, we are far away from any production of a Sonic movie.

So, once again the possibility of a movie is confirmed, but not production itself. Although Kuta did strictly specify his Sonic film was only in preproduction, that in itself suggests (and it was stated) that SEGA had given him consent to use the IP for the project. Evidently, this wasn’t the case. Thus ends another eventful day for the Sonic online fanbase. Th-Th-Th-That’s All Folks!

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