Sonic Team Official Website Updated

Sonic Team Official Website Updated

As new titles have been suddenly revealed at E3, Sonic Team have updated their website to reflect this too. Being E3, this is an unusually large update, unfortunately for English speaking fans close to all of the content is in Japanese and Flash, so Babel Fish cant help this time!

The first of the updates include the long overdue Japanese website for Shadow the Hedgehog. The website contains new movies and a few new screens, whilst confirms the game will be 1-2 player, no release date was specified.

The movie begins with Shadow loading a weapon before using Chaos Control to fly through a cityscape and Chaos Blast to attack some enemies. Some new landscapes were visible in the movie as well as Sonic rendered in the games alternate style.

The second page was for Sonic Rush. The entirely Japanese flash minisite contains many of the screens recently revealed at E3, also worth noting the newest character introduced to the franchise is hidden on these pages, despite information being already known and a high resolution graphic being posted on GameSpot yesterday.

The third update was the launch of the Sonic Gems Collection site, which has been covered in a separate story here.

The final update was Sonic Channel, Sega’s official Japanese Sonic page which contains links to the official pages of all of Sonic’s recent titles and other little tid-bits of information. Worth a look, as there is some nice wallpaper to be found there.

Once again, thanks to Psychobob for the information.

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