Sonic and Friends Battle an Army of Fakers in IDW Sonic #59, Out Now

The third issue in IDW Sonic’s Eggperial City arc is out today in comic shops and on IDW’s website and Comixology! This issue sees Sonic and friends battling Shadow androids while trying to take down Dr. Eggman’s self-repairing & expanding Eggperial City.

Check out the official solicit, cover variants, and preview pages below:


“ Androids everywhere! Three teams are trapped in Eggperial City, fighting wave after wave of androids. Sonic is speeding, Amy is smashing, Tails is flying. Shadow is punching, Omega is ripping, Rouge is…looting. But will it be enough? And has anyone seen Tangle?!

Preview pages:

Cover variants:

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TSS Comic Review: Sonic The Hedgehog #58

Story by Ian Flynn

Art by Thomas Rothlisberger


With Sonic #57, the Urban Warfare went underway. Sonic returned to Eggperial city where he recently defeated Surge and brought along Tangle, Whisper, and the new team leader, Lanolin. Tangle decided to name the team “Diamond Cutters” to honor Whisper’s old team which the wolf is NOT happy with. The group soon finds out that Eggman’s city is growing rapidly on its own by using up all the resources below the ground. The issue ends with Sonic barely escaping a portal that sucks up the rest of the team. He realizes that this adventure is too much even for him.

In Sonic #58, backup has arrived!  Tails, Amy, Blaze, and Silver quickly show up to help Sonic look for his missing teammates while the rest of the Diamond Cutters are trapped in what appears to be another dimension, but in the same location. They can see and hear Sonic and their friends, but they can’t interact with them or the environment. During this time, we get some emotional moments with Tangle, Whisper, and Lanolin. Meanwhile, we get some fun action moments with Sonic and his crew.  


Sonic #58 is one of my favorite issues in months! We get some emotional moments followed up with great action. Let’s start off with Lanolin. My biggest issue is her being made a team leader while being brand new. In issue #57, she gave off this over-serious, “Sally Acorn” vibe without really earning it. Here, we get her backstory and she admits that she’s new and inexperienced. While I still don’t like the idea of a brand new character who just stepped out of the background given a leadership position, showing her flaws does help me like her character more.

Meanwhile Whisper finally confronts Tangle about the “Diamond Cutter” team name. The team she lost. Tangle thought it would be a good way to honor Whisper’s former teammates. She knew how close they were to Whisper and hoped the same for herself so they wouldn’t drift apart again. She apologizes to Whisper with the most adorable and comical sobbing I’ve ever seen. Wrapping her tail around her face to hide her tears as she breaks down crying. Whisper thinks back to how others have been doing nothing but helping her as of late (both physically and emotionally) while she’s been keeping her distance. She realizes that constantly keeping her friends away isn’t helping anyone. It looks like Whisper is no longer acting as a lone wolf. It’s a huge moment for her character.

With that emotional moment out of the way, we get some fun action with Sonic and his friends. In the midst of taking down an Egg Hammer bot, Amy, with some telekinesis assistance (try saying that three times fast) from Silver, smash the robot with its own massive hammer. It’s one of the best Amy Rose moments I’ve seen in quite some time. Silver is absolutely floored as he confesses Amy did most of the heavy lifting. Even Sonic tells her she’s awesome. We also get some continuity with the previous annual as Blaze mentions she’s still on vacation and Silver is glad to be useful (although you’d think they’d get more use from a guy who has telekinesis and can fly). Both teams decide to head to the central control hub, just before a huge explosion happens and we are introduced to our third group, Team Dark. Looks like we’ll be seeing some antihero shenanigans in the next issue. 

This issue had everything. Action, humor, and a lot of heart. This is the best work I’ve seen out of Ian Flynn in a while, giving us a more text-heavy issue than we’ve had in ages. It felt twice as long to read as most issues and I mean that in the best way. The art by Thomas Rothlisberger is both cartoony and expressive. Allowing the more emotional moments to go through while still having a great pace for humor and action. Tangle’s tearful apology was both sweet and hilarious. I’ve never seen a character sobbing drawn in such a humorous manner. 

My main critiques of the issue are the same as the last one. We still don’t get a good showing of the city expanding. It would be nice to get some distance shots to help show its progression. Even some walls suddenly springing up around Sonic and his friends would help show off the environment better. Also, if the city is hollowed out from the earth below it, how is it not falling in on itself since it should be a massive sinkhole? Everything needs a foundation. But those are minor nitpicks of an otherwise solid arc so far. Can’t wait for the next two issues!

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