SEGA and Microsoft forming “Strategic Alliance” With Azure Cloud Platform

The “Super Game” returns.

Back in May 2021’s SEGA Sammy investor report, the company was touting a “Super Game” initiative for global-scale software titles. Now SEGA has given more details about the initiative while announcing a strategic partnership with Microsoft in development of these games.

Before we start getting technical, I want to emphasize something:

This is currently an alliance with Microsoft, the wide-reaching tech company that designs software suites and corporate development environments, not merely Microsoft, the company what makes the Xbox. In this case, SEGA is looking to utilize Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform for future development.

Azure itself is a suite of cloud-based products such as virtual machines, database utilities, AI services, development studios, and online game management tools. Even GitHub itself is part of Azure. The suite doesn’t restrict SEGA to publishing on Microsoft platforms; rather, Microsoft themselves tout that their live game service tool PlayFab supports compatibility with Nintendo, PlayStation, iOS, and many other platforms.

It’s still unclear what the nature of this alliance entails, though it’s most likely Microsoft will act in an advisory role, assisting SEGA through the design and implementation of the new platform.

As to what this means for Sonic games specifically, it probably won’t mean a whole lot directly or immediately. SEGA explicitly notes that this alliance is in support of their “Super Game” initiative, which in itself is not a single game, but rather a shift in focus towards online-centric games for global audiences. In this context, SEGA could be using Azure as the core platform to manage multiple teams across the globe, develop within Azure studios, and maintain games with online-heavy elements.

This likely won’t impact currently announced Sonic games such as Sonic Origins or the untitled 2022 game (commonly referred to as “Sonic Rangers”). Instead, the Sonic franchise might eventually play into the “Super Game” initiative years down the line depending on what SEGA’s aims are with “Super Game.” Sonic has international appeal, but he doesn’t yet have a game with big global online focus outside of HARDlight’s mobile games.

Source: SEGA Corporation website (with thanks to Josiahblaze for the link)

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