Shop Drop! US & UK Christmas Sweater Pre-Orders

Get in the spirit. And in these sweaters.

It’s time for another Shop Drop, and it’s November, so it’s definitely not way too early to post Christmas stuff!

The US Sega Shop has a new selection of Christmas stuff, including mugs, metal ornaments, and pre-orders for a holiday sweatshirt-style sweater.

On the other side of the pond, the UK Sega Shop and EU Sega Shop have their Christmas selection up, including pre-orders for knit sweaters, a Knuckles’ head ornament, and cute enamel pins.

While the US and UK/EU SEGA shops typically won’t ship to each other’s regions, US buyers can find the UK knit sweaters over at Just Geek US (with international shipping prices).

Check back next Shop Drop when they release Cubot and Orbot bookends.

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  1. What a shame. I ordered the Fairisle jumper and it’s cut in such a ridiculous shape. Tight in the shoulder but wide and baggy from chest to waist. No point ordering a size up as that may eliminate the shoulder problem, but will make the bagginess worse. Poor quality stitching too with loose threads here and there. I know they call these ‘ugly sweaters’, but please-at least make them to fit right. The mark-up on these must be massive. At 40 quid, I’ll have my money back thanks. Darn shame as the pattern was their best yet.

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