Sonic’s Free Comic Book Day Issue Now Available in Comic Stores

Sonic has returned to Free Comic Book Day with a brand new story featuring the classic game cast. The issue features Amy exploring a new hobby: making Sonic comics! To find participating retailers in your area, go here.

Check out the cover, preview pages and story synopsis below:

(W) Gale Galligan (A) Thomas Rothlisberger (CA) Tracy Yardley Celebrating 30 years of the world’s fastest hedgehog! There’s no telling how Sonic will react when he sees the results of Amy Rose’s new hobby-she’s been making tell-all comics about her adventures with Sonic, Miles “Tails” Prower, and their friends! New York Times bestselling author Gale Galligan (The Baby-Sitters Club graphic novels) spills the beans! Plus, fun extras to catch readers up on Sonic’s ongoing adventures, on the road to issue 50!
Sonics 30th anniversary celebration will be a huge priority for IDW and Sega this year!

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  1. Hey, sorry, I haven’t read the comics so maybe this is explained, but does Amy have a car with a face? What’s uhh, what’s going on there?

    1. That’s Breeze from Sonic Drift games. That being said though, I don’t think it has been told why Amy particularly has anthropomorphic car.

      1. Man, and I thought I knew all the obscure trivia about this series. I checked how her cars looked in Sonic R and the newer racing games but forgot all about Drift. Forget the speculation about humans and animal people coexisting or being on other worlds/timelines/whatever that Adventure and Forces tends to spark, I need to know how anthropomorphic living cars fit into a world where robots are so ubiquitous.

  2. I find this very cute so far I wonder if Classic Amy might become the art person (at lest in the comics Idk about the main games or other stuff)

  3. All Sonic content creators need to sit down and figure out whether the characters have eyelids or if their eyeballs can blink and universally go from there

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