Sonic 2 Movie’s Plot Summary Released

SPOILER WARNING: If you don’t want to know anything about the Sonic 2 movie plot, stop reading now! Don’t complain in the comments! You have been warned!

A plot summary for the next Sonic movie has been released by the United States Copyright Office, and it puts some of the things we’ve seen in perspective. Check it out below:

After settling in Green Hills, Sonic is ready for more freedom, and Tom and Maddie agree to leave him home while they go on vacation. But, no sooner are they gone, when Dr. Robotnik comes back, this time with a new partner, Knuckles, in search for an emerald that has the power to both build and destroy civilizations. Sonic teams up with his own sidekick, Tails, and together they embark on a journey to find the emerald before it falls into the wrong hands. Being directed by Jeff Fowler, and starring Jim Carrey, James Marsden, and Ben Schwartz.

So, in many ways, this sounds like a stripped down adaptation of Sonic 2 and 3, combined. Knuckles is still working with Robotnik, Tails is now partnered with Sonic, and a chaos emerald is the focal point of the plot.

That chaos emeralds are even being introduced is pretty huge, and them only introducing one is about the only thing I asked for in my article a few months ago that this movie appears to have. It’s not much, but I’ll take it!

Another interesting thing about this article is that it appears to be writing Tom and Maddie out of the central plot, though it’s probably fairly likely we’ll get at least a few scenes of them on vacation (presumably in Hawaii), if not a substantial B-plot. CGI is expensive, after all, it can’t be in every shot!

Via US Copyright Office Website

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  1. I expected movie Knuckles to work with Eggman/Robotnik in some fashion and go against Sonic, so this isn’t a surprise for me. 😉 Looking forward to see the movie.

  2. This was not a spoiler; it was more of a premise. It’s like a summary of a trailer so nothing is being spoiled here guys.

    1. Call it an abundance of caution. People interpret what is and isn’t a spoiler differently, especially this far out before release.

  3. My 15 month old loves the first one. I’m so glad they churned out the second one this quickly. Her Uncle J told me it was definitely going to be be an entertaining watch for her. I don’t think he realized just how entertaining she’d find it. Awesome article, bud! Keep them coming!

  4. It doesn’t say Chaos emerald, it just says emerald one powerful enough to build and destroy civilizations it could be the master emerald but it is likely to be a Chaos emerald

  5. Yep, just like in the games. Sonic’s first meeting with Knuckles has the red echidna duped into helping Dr. Eggman. And of course they’re introducing the Chaos Emeralds now, they’re always gonna be important MacGuffins in the franchise.

  6. It’s about what I was expecting, so to me, no surprise here. At least it sounds like we’re going to get what we asked for though, which is that Sonic and Tails get to build a bond. So long as that’s the focus, with Knuckles as an antagonist for most of the film, I’ll be happy.

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