Sonic Goes Stone Age in Ulala: Idle Adventure Limited Time Event

No stranger to the mobile crossover, Sonic pays a visit to stylish idling RPG Ulala: Idle Adventures from May 24 through June 22.

During this event, players will be helping Sonic return to his world and fend off attacks from Dr. Eggman. Among the Sonic-related rewards and specials, the Ulala mobile store page promises:

1. Sonic: Race Competition

During the event, adventurers who meet the parkour opening conditions can participate in the parkour and redeem rewards at the parkour shop

2. Naivety Exchange Season

During the event, you can collect a certain amount of [Happy Windmills] to redeem rewards at the turn-in shop. Sonic series of limited costumes are waiting for you to get!

3. Naivety Sign-in

During the event period, adventurers can sign in daily to receive generous rewards, up to a maximum of 10 times. You can get limited rewards!

4. Group Purchase Activity

A series of super valuable giftpacks will be added to the group purchase store. Come see if anything catches your eye!

5. Total pearl consumption

During the event period, adventurers who consume pearls at a certain level will be rewarded.

6. Sonic Greeting Card

During the event period, a commemorative item will be distributed to all adventurers. Inside will be a message from Sonic to all adventurers.

Apple app store

Available on Apple and Google Play stores, Ulala: Idle Adventure sets players on a multiplayer RPG adventure through a stone-age world. Players choose a class of fighter, build teams, recruit pets, and deploy them to battle, hunt, and defeat bosses. As an idle game, combat and travel is automated, leaving the player to manage equipment and abilities, allowing progress to continue even when the player isn’t directly playing the game.

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  1. When I saw the title, I thought this was Space Channel 5 and was confused about the mention of the Stonage Age.

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