Watch this INCREDIBLE Upscaled Sonic CD Opening!

An incredible cleaned and upscaled version of the Sonic CD opening has been released by Sonic Retro members Tanks and Quazza – you can watch the full remaster below on Youtube!

This consciencious upscaling utilises AI, which while the authors acknowledge is controversial to those communities working on archiving genuine articles, is a wonderful way to get around issues with compression that are intrinsic to versions that have appeared on the likes of Mega Collection.

Quazza has also made an interesting discovery in that a few frames in the OP appear out of order – and here’s his comparison:

We think this is a wonderful piece of work bringing new life to a much-loved piece of Sonic the Hedgehog history.

Source: Sonic Retro

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  1. That was absolutely stunning! The original video was already amazing, but this restoration is glorious!

  2. Sega Sonic Team: “So how can we make a good Sonic game that makes Sonic more free like and interesting?”

    One Developer: “Sonic CD.”

    Sega Sonic Team: “Yeah, let’s remake Sonic CD but in 3D!”

    One Developer: “No. no, no. Make the intro into an actual game. All that Sonic could do in the intro, let him do in the game. Like Breath of the Wild but utilize Sonic’s speed.”

    Sega Sonic Team; Gasp!

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