Rumour: New Sonic Ports Might Be Heading to PC Soon

Sonic the Hedgehog’s 30th Anniversary celebrations may involve ports of popular titles to PC for the first time, if the online resume of a SEGA America employee is to be believed.

According to a new post on Reddit’s ‘Gaming Leaks and Rumours‘ channel, the LinkedIn profile for the Director of Production Services at SEGA of America includes the following job description:

*Port popular Sonic titles to new-to-SEGA PC platforms, expanding availability of Sonic titles to a wider digital audience.

While it’s no secret that SEGA has a general interest in increasing the number of PC ports it produces – something the company has clearly expressed during its financial briefings – this is the first time we’ve heard of Sonic titles specifically being mentioned.

Although many fans have taken to modifying the Steam version of Sonic Generations in order to play adapted levels from Sonic Unleashed, it remains that the popular Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 game has never had a formal PC release. Sonic Colours was also exclusively released for Nintendo’s Wii in 2010, making it a potential candidate for a PC port as well. Beyond that, there’s… Shadow the Hedgehog? Sonic Boom? Sonic 2006?

Obviously, don’t get your hopes up until SEGA officially announces something. But it definitely sounds like the company is making more of an effort to entertain PC players. We’ll let you know if anything comes of this as soon as the news drops!

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  1. I’m hoping they’ll finally port the Sonic Rush games as well as the Advance games and Sonic Battle.

  2. Honestly, if all three Riders games, Unleashed, Colours and a non-disc based version of Heroes made it to PC, I’d be fairly satisfied. I would love to see 06, Shadow, the storybook games and the GBA/DS titles too but I know from general reception and playing then myself, they’d need major fixes or adaptations to be acceptable ports that play well on PC.

  3. Heroes is an easy candidate for re-release considering it’s already ported to Windows. Sega would be stupid not to refresh it a bit and put it on Steam.

  4. Sounds several years too late. They’ve left the sonic 1 and 2 ports stuck on fucking phones for years with literally no good reason to not put them on pc or consoles. So much for capitalizing on the classic sonic craze when mania was out. For 3 they could at least say why they can’t (but at this point I can bet eating my shoes they never will), but they also ported lost world over colors and unleashed??? God sega is just so ass backwards.

  5. Sonic games that have yet to be ported to the Switch

    Sonic CD
    Sonic 3 and Knuckles
    Sonic R
    Sonic the Fighters
    Sonic 3D Blast
    Sonic Spinball
    Dr Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine
    Sonic Adventure
    Sonic Adventure 2
    Sonic Heroes
    Sonic Advance Trilogy
    Shadow the Hedgehog
    Sonic and the Secret Rings
    Sonic Colors
    Sonic Unleashed
    Sonic Generations
    Sonic Lost World(With the Zelda and Yoshi DLC)

    1. Don’t forget:
      -SegaSonic Arcade
      -Knuckles Chaotix
      -Sonic Championship (2012 Port)
      -Sonic Jam (Sonic World)
      -Sonic Shuffle
      -Sonic Rivals
      -Sonic Rivals 2
      -Sonic Generations (Console)
      -Sonic 4: Episode II

      Games that never saw the light of day on any Nintendo console.

  6. Would appreciate ports of Heroes and Unleashed! It’s been years since I last played them, and would like to see them modded.

  7. I would love Sonic 2006, nothing quite beats a native port. Xenia’s not quite there yet and is limited to beefy PCs.

    Dolphin tho, I expect most average modern PCs will run Colors and the best version of Heroes near if not perfectly.

  8. It’s so badly needed, a port of Unleashed. As you can see from Youtube comments and just google trends on that game, it is starting to gain a cult following as well as people that just appreciate it for the amount of effort that went into it. Kind of a ‘You dont know what you have til it’s gone’ situation. The voice acting, the world detail, the speed… it all deserves a PC release at 60 frames. Just an opinion and i respect anyone that disagrees.

  9. Now if only they were head to the Switch.

    In terms of sonic games, we only have Mania Plus, two half-assed games, and two lesser ports compared to their mobile counterparts.

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