Ben Schwartz: ‘Nobody’s Asked Me’ About Voicing Sonic in the Video Games

Since Roger Craig Smith announced his departure as the official voice of Sonic the Hedgehog, many fans have turned to Ben Schwartz, Hollywood comedy star, to ask if he would pick up the mantle. His answer? He’s not quite sure yet.

Schwartz, who voiced Sonic in the Paramount movie that launched to critical and commercial success in 2020, was asked in a recent interview about assuming the role in the video games. “I haven’t thought about it, I haven’t really thought about it,” he said, suggesting that he hasn’t even been asked about such an opportunity from SEGA as of yet.

The first time that it’s ever come up was because Roger seems to be stepping away, so, the first time ever, people are asking me I wonder, nobody’s asked me, between you and I, I haven’t really answered this question yet but nobody’s come up to me and said anything so my assumption is that, who knows?

But I wonder. I love the world of Sonic, and I love the fan base. The fan base has been so supportive and lovely. So, I don’t know. I wonder, I wonder what would happen.

But as of now, nobody’s had a conversation with me about any of that.

But I do just want to say, that you know like, of course that whole you know, Jaleel, Ryan, all those guys are incredible, but it was incredible to be a part of that legacy and then to hear that Roger is stepping down just to say again how amazing he was.

Ben Schwartz is a total class act, having successfully channeled the blue blur in 2020’s Sonic the Hedgehog movie and netting himself a world of newly-found SEGA fans in the process. He’ll no doubt continue to voice the hero in the upcoming Sonic movie sequel, but as for the games, or anything else? … Nobody knows for sure yet.

Stay tuned – if things change on that front, you’ll be the first to know about it, right here on The Sonic Stadium.


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  1. Why… HOW… has no one asked this KING about voicing Sonic in the games?!!
    That’s just criminal, really.
    No one could ever be a more perfect voice for Sonic than Ben Schwartz. ABSOLUTELY NO ONE.
    And it’s because his voice is literally THE definitive manifestation of THE voice that all of the other Sonic voice actors through the years have been trying to achieve!
    As I listened to all of the different Sonic voice actors, I KNEW what they were going for. I KNEW what they were trying to sound like. I could hear it clearly in my head. But none of them ever really… TRULY… managed to hit it on a pinpoint mark.
    That is, until Ben came along and NAILED it in a way that no one before him had ever managed!
    His voice encapsulates all of the best qualities from every Sonic voice we’ve had, from Ryan’s energy to Jason’s soul to Roger’s skater-dude personality. It’s the perfect blend of them all, amalgamating to fully realize a pinpoint version of the universal cool teen style for which Sonic’s character has always been known.
    And the fools who say he isn’t cocky enough clearly don’t have ears. The fact is that the reason they think this is simply because the film didn’t give Sonic enough cocky lines. Therefore, they quickly forget the cockiness he displays in the few lines where he is allowed the opportunity to generate that energy.
    But in the next film, in which everything will be further developed from the first, we will see these things start to materialize in a way that NO ONE will be able to ignore.
    Thank you, Ben Schwartz, the one man in all the world who TRULY IS the definitive voice of Sonic!!!!!!!!!

    1. He would be good in games that’s based off the two sonic movies. One more thing, he should never do the voice of any past or future animation games like sonic adventure, sonic heroes and etc.

  2. That’s understandable, seems they are doing their own thing with the movie.

    Ben could have been a great fit for the Sonic games too but I’m seriously hoping Max Mittelman gets the gig, he could inject Sonic with so much energy, passion and teen spirit.

  3. His voice fit the movie’s design like a glove, but I don’t think I can handle it outside the movies, too annoying, not enough hero sounding.

    1. Another thing we can all agree.

      Ben Schwartz is by no means bad, but he’s not VG Sonic.

      At this point, it’s either Mittleman or the Drummond we’ve been clamoring for. I don’t know who else can do the job.

      1. Got nothing against Mittleman as a possiblity, he has a good voice and all, but I’m not sure why everyone expects him as one of the “top” actors to voice Sonic. I know he has been involved with gaming before (like Persona), made a Twitter post about Roger leaving, and appearently followed Sega on Twitter or something after that but thats about it unless I missed something. Has he even confirmed any interest in voicing Sonic?

  4. As much as I like Ben, I don’t ever want “Sonic The Hedgehog: The Movie: The Game” to be a thing. I feel like casting him as the voice of Sonic in the games would just be a step in that direction.

    1. I completely agree. I understand a lot of people love his work in the movie (I do too), but having him in the games just wouldn’t work in my personal opinion. Looking forward to see who takes the role though.

  5. Omg why everyone is turning to him instead of encouraging Ryan Drummond to obtain the role back !? He is currently asking to SEGA an other chance to voice him since 2001 !!! And he was good TT TT this could be a mess not taking such an opportunity!!! Really !

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