New Official Artwork for February 2021 Focuses On Sonic & Knuckles

SEGA has published new official artwork on its Sonic Channel website for the month of February 2021, and for old-school fans it’ll tickle your ivories. This new piece features Sonic and Knuckles palling around on Angel Island, in a scene that throws us all back to Sonic 3 & Knuckles.

Lower quality versions have been posted by other sources, but we’ve grabbed the full-size Desktop and Mobile wallpapers of this fantastic artwork. You can download them right here and use them on your computers and handheld devices as you see please.

You can also download a PDF Calendar for the next month with this artwork on it, so you can have Sonic and Knuckles help you count down the days to March. Full link is on Sonic Channel’s website.

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  1. Yuji Uekawa’s 2021 artworks are great, moreover there is a short story with each of them!!…

    1. A glimpse at what we’ve lost since the year 2006 and what we’ll likely never have again.

      The series has diverged so sharply from this kinda stuff for so long, over a decade, that I don’t even know if it’s possible to have a return to form.

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