Someone Made a Working VHS Copy of the Sonic Movie and It’s Unbelievably Retro

Sure, the internet is great for movies and all, but remember when we used to watch things on physical media? No, not your Blu-ray or DVD nonsense, we’re talking good old fashioned VHS tapes! … What? ‘What’s a VHS, grandpa?’ Why, naturally it was… um, actually VHS wasn’t all that great, but today the ancient format was made ten times cooler, because someone managed to make their own homemade VHS copy of the Sonic movie!

This was the handiwork of one ‘SavageXtreme64’ on Twitter, who took the time to convert the digital version of the Paramount action flick into analogue and made some convincingly good packaging to go with the tape. We can totally imagine this sitting in the ‘New Releases’ shelf at our local Blockbuster Video.

‘SavageXtreme’ also shared a video of the tape being inserted into a VHS player and playing as you’d expect a home movie to work in the 1980s and 1990s. Complete with wiggly tracking as well. You can see that video below.

Originally tweeted by SavageXtreme🍔🔥 (@SavageXtreme64) on 19th January 2021.

We have to say, this is one bang-up job! Obviously there’s probably no money in Paramount making the effort to release an official VHS version of the Sonic movie, but boy would we sure buy it for our collection if they did! And we wouldn’t be dreaming of this right now if it weren’t for ‘SavageXtreme’ leading the way. Good work!

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  1. Even nowadays I still think of the anime OVA known in the west as “Sonic the Hedgehog The Movie” before the paramount film, so I was kind of surprised to read that this was rare. I was thinking “I could have swore I rented that on vhs back when Hollywood Video was around. Why is this fan version so special?”

  2. Tempted to say what’s the point if the CRT’s a no-show? But since they bothered to capture it in widescreen (it’s hard to tell if it’s correct with the tilted camera) then ok.

    Now someone needs to do a pan/scan 4:3 conversion, throw in some composite cables and you’re golden.

  3. Very cool. I remember buying a copy of “Sonic the Hedgehog: the Movie” OVA at Babbages (now called GameStop) in, um, 1999, whenever that came out. It was at the mall, another ancient relic of the past. I also found some SatAM & AoStH videos in Walmart’s bargain bin. Good times, grandkids. 😛

  4. If only they didn’t put all the specials features behind a Blu-Ray wall (the decide that not many people own in the first place).

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