Sonic Movie Nominated in Critics Choice Super Awards

The Critics Choice Association announced their nominees for their first ever Super Awards, which included nominations of Paramount’s Sonic the Hedgehog for Best Superhero Movie, Jim Carrey and Ben Scwartz for Best Actor in a Superhero Movie, and Jim Carrey for Best Villain in a Movie. The awards will broadcast on The CW networks on January 10, 2021.

But we need to back up a bit because, if you’re like me, you’re asking questions such as “What is the Critics Choice Association?” and “What are the Super Awards?” and “Why should I care?”

Critics Choice is an association of various film entertainment critics spanning internet, radio, and local TV networks. The association holds a yearly award ceremony shuffled among A&E, VH1, E! Entertainment, and The CW, which the BBC describes as “unashamedly populist.”  2020’s ceremony was pushed to March to allow for a larger window for movies and TV series to be considered.

Enter the Critics Choice Super Awards, a separate award show specifically dedicated to movies and television shows in the genres of action, animation, superhero (including media based on comics and games), horror, and sci-fi/fantasy. Kevin Smith and Dani Fernandez are slated to host this award show for 2020-released media.

To editorialize a bit, while one can appreciate the recognition of non-prestige genres, this kind of feels like separating out the nerd-awards-for-nerds so that they don’t have to get in the way of the big-boy genres. Critics Choice Association already has a low bar for entry and a reputation akin to the Golden Globes. To separate out a “Super” award emblazoned with superhero silhouettes comes off as either patronizing or pandering.

At any rate, Sonic will be up against Birds of Prey, so good luck to it.

Sources: Critics Choice Association

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  1. Sonic’s not a super hero movie though XD it’s a video game movie. But cool to hear it’s being nominated.

    1. Yeah, but apparently that’s shorthand for including comic book/video game media. An actress from Riverdale was nominated for Best Actress in Superhero TV Series for the same reason.

      Though I may argue Sonic is a superhero in a sense. Just not a conventional tights-and-cape superhero.

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