New Sonic Channel Art Shows What Blaze Does in Her Downtime

Ever wonder what Blaze the Cat gets up to when she isn’t searching for the sol emeralds or going on high seas adventures? Well, the Japanese Sonic 20th Twitter account and Sonic Channel gave us a look and it’s…paperwork and tea, apparently!

According to the tweet, in times of peace Blaze spends time at the castle of the “Sol Empire,” busying herself with public affairs, and sometimes relaxes with lukewarm tea prepared by the guards. Take a look at the Sonic Channel artwork and a twitter translation of the description below!

Indian summer with calm waves. Blaze is busy with public affairs at the castle of the Sol Empire. Peace continues in the empire, but Blaze's princess responsibilities have not disappeared. The lukewarm tea brewed by the guards is a moment of relaxation for her.★
Thank you for your work! [Channel staff]

This art is interesting for a few reasons. Aside from giving us a rare glimpse at Blaze’s world (a place we’ve only seen once in the games), it also seemingly confirms that the version of Blaze’s world from the IDW comics is canon to the games. This includes the Sol Empire, the castle, and koalas being a prolific species beyond the islands we see in Sonic Rush Adventure. Although, I am beginning to wonder about the absence of a certain rambunctious raccoon girl in this stuff.

Would you like to see more of Blaze and her world in future Sonic media? Let us know in the comments below!

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    1. Wait, usually pictures like that are reserved for the previous king. yea definitely just a cameo, unless you’re about to tell me a version of Big is the old King of the Sol empire.

    1. I would love that too! Personally I’m huge fan of Blaze so I would be extremely happy if she becomes more relevant and important in the future.

  1. Big portrait on the wall. Hint of an unexplored relation(ship) between the two cats, or just a meaningless cameo?

  2. Sure I’m also huge Blaze the Cat fan along with other character of series so please share more in the future thank you!!

  3. There’s still so little we know of Blaze’s world, and Sonic’s. So I welcome anything that builds the worlds we know and gives us insight. It’s this sort of thing that makes it feel more real in a sense. A place where people actually live, full of life. That’s what makes world building so fantastic, it helps you to see what it’s like there. So, yes, if you guys still have Sega’s ear, let them know we want more art like this, showing us even the mundane aspects of the worlds.

  4. This art is beautiful! And this is the second time we see Blaze’s palace, the first being in the IDW comics. Hopefully Sega is planning on exploring more of Blaze’s world in an upcoming game!

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