Sonic the Hedgehog collaboration coming to Ninjala for Switch

If you’ve been following things, you may remember that this was leaked via a datamining of the game Ninjala for Nintendo Switch (these things tend to happen) where references to the Sonic franchise were found. Anyway, Ninjala makers GungHo finally revealed the existence of the collaboration with our fav blue Hedgehog. Only, that’s all for now! We’ll have to wait and see what the collaboration will actually be about. When that time comes, we’ll let you know!

Ninjala for those who don’t know is a free-to-play competitive action game that’s out right now worldwide exclusively on Nintendo Switch (from the director of Dissidia Final Fantasy on PSP, I am not kidding). So if you have a Switch, you can try it out now (find your regional store page on the official site) and see if it’s your thing, and it’ll hopefully give you an idea on what to expect from this collaboration.

Via GungHo’s Youtube Channel (at 6:10).

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  1. I don’t know, I love Splatoon and played both games as soon as they released. Splatoon 2 even has like 1,000 hours of playtime on my Switch. Then I tried out Ninjala, since I heard so much about it… I don’t like it at all! The system that is similar to Fortnite and also the gameplay itself is not fun at all to me! It’s sad since I normally like that style, but even the characters don’t look very interesting to me…

    Too bad actually…

  2. I never expected Splatoon-like gameplay, since Ninjala’s is very different from Splatoon’s (the colorful art style and children-like characters are really the only reasons for the constant comparisions imo), when I tried the game but I wanted to see what the fuss was all about. Having played Ninjala for several hours now, I’m not really feeling it. Its good that it keeps getting updates but there are some aspects of the core gameplay that really needs ironing out and they haven’t yet.

    Also sligthy-off topic, whatever happened to continuing that CG Episode 0? Did they just drop the CG stuff and went with 2D for the following episodes? I can understand that it is probably easier that way but the 2D episodes hasn’t impress me so far…

  3. So. This is what they’re going to do. They’re nearly at their 30 year anniversary with Sonic and this is what they chose. I’ve been waiting for Sonic Adventure 3 for God’s sake. They should take their time to make a good game like in the past.

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