lists a ‘Sonic Mania + Team Sonic Racing Double Pack’ for Switch

So this just popped up. It’s been reported that now lists a double pack of Sonic Mania (the vanilla version it appears) and Team Sonic Racing for Switch. There aren’t any listings of the pack for other platforms yet upon checking. Also it’s not clear if this is yet another of those “put two boxes in a cardboard sleeve” type of releases that Sega do occasionally, as opposed to cramming both games into one cartridge/disc.

Amazon currently lists the pack for an October 26th, 2020 release in NA. If any new information pops up for the pack, we’ll let you know.

Via GoNintendo.

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  1. This is cool, I always saw STR as an incomplete game, or at least lacking in content, and of course Mania recycles a lot from the old games so the question is, do these two smaller games make a complete game?

    It reminds me of how it wasn’t worth buying Pinball Party for the GBA back then, but when they stuck SA1 in there it suddenly became a great deal. Can’t say the same for Sonic Battle, that one was definitely worth its own cart.

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