POP Goes the Fox? Retailer Listings for ‘Flocked Tails Funko Pop’ Emerge

Just when you thought there couldn’t be any more Funko POP figures in the world, some images purporting to be retailer listings suggest that a flocked Tails the Fox is coming soon to Target stores in the US.

According to an image shared by cult pop merchandise reporter anerdydad, a whole bunch of new POP figures are coming Q1 2021. They will be sold exclusively at Target. The new releases include new figures in the Pokémon, Masters of the Universe and Star Wars series, alongside Sonic.

Reportedly leaked retailer listing. Details existence of new 'flocked Tails' Funko POP figure.
Image source: anerdydad on Instagram

For those who aren’t aware, ‘flocked’ POP figures are specially-crafted Funko toys that have been given a soft, fuzzy coating over the top of the hard plastic. This means that Tails fans will have a nice and furry fox friend to play around with. That’ll be nice!

We’ll keep an eye on the movements on this one. If any announcements or images are released we’ll be sure to get them to you as soon as we can!

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