Sonic The Hedgehog Ported to the Super Nintendo Because Nothing Is Sacred Anymore

Genesis does what Nintendon’t? Apparently not.ย 

Because it’s 2020 and someone had to mess with the natural order of things, the poster child of the SEGA Mega Drive has been stripped of its dignity and is being forced to work for the enemy system.

Using what can only be described as forbidden technological witchcraft, Sonic the Hedgehog’s debut title is now playable on Nintendo’s 16-bit console, and is working just fine and dandy. Blast Processing, apparently, is not needed to bring Sonic to life.ย 

You can find out more details on Digital Foundry’s YouTube video, but be wary: there are extremely disturbing images of 90’s SEGA software running on 90’s Nintendo hardware. You have been warned.

via Digital Foundry


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    1. Do you get paid to ask useless comments commie? What’s wrong, don’t you like progress that isn’t derived from theft? That “capitalist brand war” represented progress that millions enjoyed. Progress like this has helped to propel humanity far past any communist run cesspit in the world. This is why the free market capitalist society has surpassed every other system the world over. Now, don’t you have a riot to attend to or someone’s free speech to stifle with violence?

  1. It’s the natural order of things for the failure to jump ship. “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” after all.

    Now, if Mario World was running on a Genesis? Yes that would be worthy of inducing 2020s cursed name.

    1. Well…it’s no as fast as the Genesis version. It’s not even close to matching the speed. Further, the Genesis could run Super Mario World quite easily. The Genesis can emulate via stock hardware every effect the Snes can. If you look up Wolfenstein 3d for the Genesis for example you will see Sega’s 16-bit console running completely stock blowing past the FX powered Snes cart.

  2. Meh, these kind of things are not a big deal for me anymore. Also, hasn’t the original Sonic game (and several other classic Sonic games) already been “ported” to the SNES atleast once before? Or maybe I’m thinking of a different Nintendo system…

  3. Oh, quit your whining! You act like this is the very first time ever that Sonic 1 was ported onto a Nintendo console. You obviously forgot that Sonic Mega Collection on the Nintendo GameCube exists! Quit acting it’s the end of the world because this happened.

    1. @Jacob: Calm down. As Rush pointed out, satire. Also, SMC on the GC was a official port. This one is ‘unofficial’.

  4. Ok this is wrong sonic the hedgehog belongs to the Sega genesis i will not exeped this not right sonic is published by Sega but Wye would anyone do this it’s like sonic but it’s not sonic it might be a fangame but Wye on Nintendo great job you ruined my childhood are you proud Nintendo๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’

  5. this is absolutely cursed yet so incredible

    what next? actually making bubsy claws encounter more playable?

  6. Yall are kinda dumb. Emulation is not the same as this. This is a PORT, not emulation,

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