Tails and Silver Go Super and Become Funko’s Latest POP! Sonic Figures

If you’ve been wanting merch of Super Tails and Super Silver, you’ll finally be getting what you want next month…so long as you don’t mind them having black, soulless eyes. I am, of course, talking about Funko POPS. The company announced both figures as part of their line of SDCC 2020 exclusives, which will now be released at select retailers due to the event’s cancellation. They will be sold together, as a 2-pack.

It is currently not known where the figures will be sold. Check out images of the figurines below:

Regardless of your feelings on Funko’s POP! figures, it is rather interesting seeing Super Tails and Super Silver getting their own merchandise, albeit without Super Tails’ golden flickies. Here’s hoping we see more of these two in the future!

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  1. Super Silver? From that one Sonic game simply titled Sonic the Hedgehog??

    I don’t know… seems like a risky move on funko’s part.

    I’m kidding, I always enjoy seeing the good stuff from 06 get extracted, maybe we’ll get the game itself one of these days.

    Not before a Princess Elise funko pop, though.

  2. Typical.. an awesome Sonic exclusive available for SDCC.. and then yeah, the show gets canned for the first time in 50 years 😛

  3. Holy crap these look bad. Are there still poor schlubs buying these lame-ass figures?

  4. I think Sega have eased restrictions on Super Forms being restricted to Male Hedgehogs only. I think it’s now only ‘Male’ Hedgehogs And Foxes that can turn Super. This is great. Make Tails playable again Sega. Please. Don’t reply back as I like to be private with my life.

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