Tikal to Join the Race in Sonic Forces Mobile

Tikal, the ancient echidna spirit from Sonic Adventure, will be joining the Sonic Forces mobile roster soon. SEGA Hardlight announced her on their Twitter account, with the image posted below.

This will be only the third time Tikal has ever been playable. There is currently no word on when she will be available, or how difficult she will be to unlock. Be sure to check Sonic Stadium for more details in the future!

via Twitter

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  1. I absolutely love her : thank you HARDlight Studio for all the love you put in your SONIC Games (they just lack a Story Mode, even if some of them do have one)!!…
    I hope one day you’ll be allowed by SEGA to create your own original SONIC character, put him / her in your games (and the SONIC canon) and use him / her as a mascot for the studio… you really deserve it with all the good work you do with the SONIC licence!!…

  2. I’m a pretty avid player of this game, and according to the “News” tab on the main menu, this event will run between the 5th-15th of June.

  3. Thank goodness, Tikal will be playable again! The next addition after Tikal will be, as I wish, Ben Muttski, and will be followed by Sticks, Zooey, and Perci. I strongly hope the Freedom Fighters will join too, afterwards.

  4. So…it seems like I’m the only one putting the puzzle pieces together here…

    Baby/Teen Sonic and Longclaw were added to promote the movie, so what exactly is Tikal’s purpose in this game?

    Sega is either doing a Sonic Adventure remake, or they’re doing a damn good job of pulling our legs.

    1. They did the same thing with runners by adding Tikal but there was no sonic adventure remake

      1. Except that game’s been long since dead, so that is moot right there. But this, and couple the fact we’ve had some Adventure music remixes AND that we’re inching only a year away from the 30th anniversary and we know something is likely going to happen on the 23rd in SEGA’s info drop, there’s too many factors at play.

        If I’m wrong, I’m wrong. But it all just makes sense…not to mention remakes are the hot thing right now, what with the Resident Evil remakes and Final Fantasy VII Remake. It’s all too convenient.

        1. Don’t be silly the rules don’t apply to Sega they don’t think that way they aren’t gonna follow what Activision or Capcom are doing.
          Forces also has Riders characters a series that’s been dead for almost a decade is it coming back. They remix Adventure musics constantly so that’s not a sign either and that’s mostly attributed to Jun Senoue, that guy loves remixing and referencing those songs (White Park Act 2 as an infamous example).

          This Adventure Remake meme is just a meme it follows the same path as it’s predecessor the Adventure 3 meme where people always felt that the next game was gonna be SA3, in 2011 it was because of a comment Crush 40 made and the idea that their involvement in a new game meant it had to be SA3 instead of what we actually got, in 2012 people swore it was because of a comment Hunnid-P made so there is a long pattern here that’s music related. Oh here’s a another pattern Iizuka constantly talks about wanting to remake (as recently as last year) it the same way he talked about wanting to do SA3 meaning it’s not on the cards otherwise he wouldn’t talk about it.

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