SEGA Releasing Limited Edition 60th Anniversary Stamps and Pin Sets via Japan Post

Finally, the worlds of stamp collecting and SEGA collide! To commemorate the House of Sonic’s 60th anniversary, Japan Post will be selling a limited edition set of postage stamps and pins that are designed around SEGA’s legendary console history.

The set of ten stamps run through all of SEGA’s major platforms, from the SC-3000 to the Mega Drive right through to the Dreamcast. The tenth stamp centres on SEGA’s company logo. The set comes in a frame format (you can see it laid out above), along with a special clear file and sheet that details each console and the year in which it released. This set will cost ¥4,000 (which is around £29.67, or $37.38 USD), so those stamps are definitely just for show!

What’s really caught our eye though is the super duper Pin + Stamp Set. Along with the stuff you get in the stamp set, you can also nab yourself ten pins that are also designed around SEGA’s back catalogue of hardware. Unlike the stamps, which look to be designed around the consoles themselves, the pins will sport more esoteric designs, inspired by the shape and logos of each platform. That super set will be a cool ¥11,000 (£81.63, or $102.88 USD), so make sure you don’t lose them!

Pre-orders for these sets will begin on 1 May, and will stay open until 25 May, with delivery starting on 1 July. No doubt crafty international fans will be able to import these babies using a forwarding service of some kind (we recommend Tenso), but Japanese users can hit the Japan Post website here for more details.

Via SEGA Japan

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