Leak: Ninjala Datamine Reveals Sonic Collab, Ability to Play as Dr Robotnik

GungHo Online Entertainment‘s new free to play action game “Ninjala” has been data-mined by Twitter users LeanYoshi and Oatmeal Dome, and it reveals what looks to be future content involving Sonic the Hedgehog and friends!

Ninjala has just begun it’s public beta testing, and is already being taken apart by savvy dataminers. The upcoming collaboration with Sonic indicates that some Sonic-themed gear will be available in a future update. Here are some relevant excerpts from the text dump:

“Headgear featuring the fastest hedgehog in history.”
“Attire and shoes inspired by Sonic, the fastest hedgehog ever. For the ninja who just can’t stay still.”
“Attire and shoes inspired by the intimidating echidna Knuckles. Guaranteed to fill you with energy and confidence.”
“Attire and shoes inspired by the genius engineer Miles “Tails” Prower. You can’t miss the distinctive two tails.”
“A sticker of the mad scientist Dr. Robotnik striking a victory pose. Let the whole world know your ambitions.”
“An IPPON sticker featuring the dastardly genius Dr. Robotnik. For the person who never gives up, no matter how many times they fail.”
But one in particular caught our attention…
“Transform into the dastardly genius, Dr. Robotnik. For those who eat, breathe, and sleep robotics.”
Well, then! It’s not entirely clear from the text alone if this effect lasts an entire gameplay session, or if it’s a temporary upgrade. Being able to look like Sonic’s ultimate foe is certainly an upgrade either way!

We won’t directly link to the leaked data, but as of writing this news post, you can currently find the text dump on LeanYoshi’s Twitter account.

The Sonic Stadium will keep you posted as we find out more! Stay tuned.

via Twitter

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