Unreasonably Cute Sonic Stickers now Available on LINE!

When you think of Sonic the Hedgehog’s iconic design, two words usually come to mind: cute and cool. While Sonic’s known as being the cool dude with a ‘tude, in Japan they really focused on how adorable the little blue hedgehog can be. Well, that tradition continues in full force with these new digital LINE stickers, which are so adorable that I’ve become tempted to watch the opening to Shadow the Hedgehog to even things out.

For those unaware, LINE is a service that originated from Japan as a free messaging app, capable of both text and voice communication; they also have special stickers available for purchase, usually based on popular characters.

This includes the most famous hedgehog in the world. Taking cues from Hirokazu Yasuhara’s level design concept art, we see Sonic and friends depicted in their adorable (and dare I say, kawaii?) “sketchhog” form. You get to see your favorite characters, including Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Rouge, Big, Eggman and others generally being sickeningly cute, holding flowers, dancing, taking naps, and otherwise making my cynical heart melt.

The sticker set is available on the Line Store for $0.99 or ¥120. LINE isn’t as widely used outside of Japan, however, so keep that in mind before you start opening up foreign bank accounts just to buy these. Sometimes it’s nice to just look at the cute pictures and imagine how you’ll protect them from this cruel, unfair world.

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  1. Wow they didn’t forget Cream & Cheese this time!

    Judging from the idiotic hyper expressive Knuckles and Metal Sonic holding a flower, it looks like they based some of them on Mania Adventures.

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