Pre-order the New Sonic Pizza Cutter!

Have you ever baked a pizza, taken it out of the oven, and imagined that Sonic the Hedgehog was slicing it for you? I don’t mean like an underpaid Pizza Hut employee, I mean actually curling into his legendary spin attack and rationing out that cheesy goodness? …no? Just me? Well, maybe these fantasies will no longer be so niche, as SEGA has catered to the food utensil market with their upcoming Sonic-themed Pizza Cutter!

That’s right, the dream will soon be real this September. From the geniuses who brought us the Sonic Toaster, we present to you the Sonic the Hedgehog Pizza Cutter. You’ll be spindashing through cheese and marinara with great ease. You can pre-order this essential item for £14.99 ($16.95 in America) on the official SEGA online stores. If you’re a pizza chomping Sonic fan, you’d better act fast, because like the Toaster, it’s likely that this will be a limited time purchase!

Gotta slice fast! Here’s your chance to own our exclusive Sonic pizza cutter! Made of stainless steel and laser-engraved with your favorite hedgehog, this pizza cutter’s blade measures 3-inches in diameter, and will make super-quick work of your pizza slicing needs. The handle is made of high-quality molded plastic, and includes a full-color Sonic the Hedgehog logo. Sonic and pizza, it’s the perfect match!

Hand wash in warm water. Do not microwave, obviously!

Just be sure to watch your hands when spinning this thing, because we know you’re all going to try it. (I’m personally going to spin it just before letting it cut the cheese, so it’ll be like I’m drop-dashing my dinner).
The Sonic Pizza Cutter will be available on September 26, 2019.
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