It Looks Like An Actor from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog Stars in the Sonic Movie Trailer

It’s only been a day since the highly-anticipated Sonic movie trailer dropped, and already fans (including us!) have been scrambling to uncover any Easter Eggs they can find. But a keen-eyed reader seems to have found a pretty good one that throws back to not one, but TWO 1990s Sonic cartoons.

Animator and Voice Actor Chris Niosi discovered that one of the military generals seen in the movie trailer at around 0:39 is none other than Garry Chalk. 90s kids may remember Chalk’s dulcet tones as the voice of robot Grounder in Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, as well as – amazingly – Doctor Robotnik in Sonic Underground.

See if you can spot it.

Above is the character in question, provided by Chris…

And above is Garry Chalk’s headshot. Chris has since confirmed that it is indeed Chalk playing the role.

Given that the trailer reveals that Commander Walters (who looks suspiciously similar to the GUN Commander in Shadow the Hedgehog) calls in Jim Carrey’s Doctor Robotnik to investigate, the fact that the scene also includes a guy who once played Robotnik himself is a pretty incredible Easter Egg.

Thanks so much for the tip, Chris! If anyone else finds any cool Easter Eggs in the trailer, do let us know and we’ll put them all together in one big roundup!

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  1. Ahhh….so i see Paramount’s complete obsession over Optimus Prime is still not stated. Now they had to put him in other movies.

    …for those who are notion get the reference, this is also the voice of Optimus Primal from BEAST WARS/MACHINES and Prime proper from the UNICRON ANIME TRILOGY.

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