Unused Sonic 2 ‘Club Scene’ Music Track Unveiled by Former SEGA Composer in School Lecture

Sometimes unreleased and unused content for certain games can come from the most unlikely places. This is true for most of the discoveries unearthed for Sonic the Hedgehog 2, as prototype and ‘beta’ versions of the game have been found in almost any and every corner of the planet. Well, now we might have a new discovery straight from someone’s classroom! 

Kevin Slackie posted on Twitter a short video from a class his teacher held. Although the teacher is currently not identified, Slackie said that he had previously worked for SEGA in the 1990s as a composer, having worked on X-Men 2: The Clone Wars and, apparently, Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

This is where things get interesting; the teacher brought to class a bespoke Mega Drive/Genesis cartridge that a friend had developed for him to be his ‘business card’. The cartridge included a number of music tracks composed by the teacher, likely as a portfolio of work for potential future business. In class, he played a few of the tracks – one of them being an unused Sonic 2 track called ‘Club Scene’.

Watch the clip, from Slackie’s Twitter post, below. It’s pretty incredible to see something like this unearthed after so many years. The video also includes some interesting new sprite animations for Sonic and Tails! We’re not certain if these sprites were made for Sonic 2 specifically however, or if they were made later just for the purposes of the ‘business card’.

Video via Kevin Slackie on Twitter

Slackie hasn’t divulged the identity of the teacher – probably a good idea for privacy reasons – but we assume that, as Masato Nakamura composed most of Sonic 2’s soundtrack, this was a proposed piece composed internally by one of SEGA of America’s former studios, SEGA Technical Institute (which worked with Yuji Naka to develop Sonic 2 in the US).

After generating a whole heap of attention, Slackie said that he will let his teacher know about the interest surrounding this track on Monday and encourage him to open a Twitter account so he can share some of his unique and interesting game development stories. We hope they do, and we’re surely looking forward to it!

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  1. It sounds like a carnival song, to bad sonic 2 didn’t have a carnival stage.

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