Team Sonic Racing: Amy, Chao and Big the Cat Revealed As Playable Characters

The Japanese Sonic birthday party is often full of surprises – and at this year’s 27th birthday event at the JOYPOLIS theme park, Takashi Iizuka and the party hosts have used to opportunity to announce three new playable characters for Team Sonic Racing!

Images of Amy Rose, Big the Cat (in a suitably frog-themed car) and Chao (that’s four chao, comprising the Neutral, dark, and Hero Chao along with Omachao!) have been revealed as the Team Rose combination, with the Chao replacing Cream the Rabbit as the technical-based character in the established Team Rose configuration.

Check out the images of the individual characters from the stream in the gallery below.

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  1. RIP Cream. Unless Cream has been moved to the new Team Chaotix, wouldn’t that be something.

  2. I hate to comment on things that may seem so minut but I just feel it bears mentioning ! I love,love, the character design,and the promo pics for this game ! Do you realize it’s been years…years since we’ve seen Amy,a main character on a piece of promo art…let alone Big or the Chao…these characters were almost exticnt all but what,a year ago ! And the characters aren’t being presented in a hush hush,red-headed stepchild kind of way that they used to be ! They’re actually celebrated and treated as…”apart of the cast” like I don’t know…characters that where “created to be” apart of the cast should be anyway ! So just seeing this pic is refreshing,in the same way that anyone over twenty five gets giddy at seeing Mighty and Ray from a random Sega arcade game…who played that stuff anyway ?! I’m Twenty three,and like a good portion of the younger and dare I say possible larger side of the fanbase, I grew up with seeing the Sonic characters represented in a fun, exciting,youthful way ! My first real game was Sonic heroes and that to this day is how the characters in a “modern” sense should behave to me ! Amy was still gleeful,but she had some sass and confidence to hold her own and feel like a competent character ! The cast of characters felt like “themselves” for lack of a better word,they were alive,they were energetic,like any good cast of characters should be…why do you think people still quote “Do a barrel roll”,or “Turtle power”or any catchy phrase or lines from a piece of media…because the writers tried to treat the characters appropriately,and actually cared “how” the characters were being represented,it gives the audience something to chew on !
    ! Fast forward to 2008 and we get the “solo Sonic era” which wasn’t all bad,but “this” spirit of the characters that I’m talking about was all but nonexistent in the games,the promo art…the brand itself ! So again,I’m glad to see pics like this because this feels like “Sonic” to me…and everyone may have their own opinion as to what Sonic should feel like,but let me ask you a question…when you think of Ninja turtles what do you think of…I think of green,multicolored bandanas teens fighting crime and having a good time ! That’s it,and it doesn’t have to be this cut and dry,but it doesn’t have to be rocket science either.Just present the characters in the appropriate way that they should be presented is my point from all of this.And on a final note I love how the two eras are co existing beautifully in this pic,which is something I was kind of skeptical about but this games’ trailer and pics seem to be pulling off beautifully,we have the Adventure style characters,nicely settled in a “modern” era setting of Planet wisp ! And one doesn’t seem to be fighting the other,it just seems to blend and not negate either tones “the rock edgy,shounen if you will style of the earlier style of Sonic games”, with the peaceful kind of palate cleansing sense of the newer games ” Colors,Unleashed etc”.So all in all keep up the good work Sega,this rekindling of old and new tones is pleasing to me.And sorry about the mountain of text,I’m not the best typer.And give me a Sonic heroes 2…with appropriate styled gameplay after all this Sega “no boosting in Sonic heroes 2” lol.And throw me a bone and bring back the Adventure cast as the characters,or let us hand pick which voice actors play which characters I need Scott Dreier back as Knuckles that man was lengedary !

    1. Agreed. I feel Ryan is the definitive Sonic but Kate or Colleen can stay as Tails, Scott as Knuckles, Lisa as Amy, Cream’s X voice, Jon as Big, Troy as Espio, Vector’s Heroes voice, Colleen as Charmy, Bella as Blaze, Peter as Silver, I still prefer Deem as Eggman, David as Shadow, Karen as Rouge, and Omega’s Heroes voice

  3. I can understand why Cream isn’t part of Team Rose this time. She’s too young to drive a car.

      1. Despite being 8, Tails is actually a genius (putting him up there with the rest of the teens), and has experience pilot/controlling many vehicals. Cream however, is even younger (age 6), and has average intelligence for a child her age. And don’t even get me started on the Chao (I guess Omochao’s AI takes the lead).

        Big the Cat however, is anyone’s guess.

        But then again, we just got finished with five different babies in Mario Kart 8, as well as Upa from that Konami racing crossover game.

  4. While l am fine with the Chao being playable but that’s no reason to take Cream out. Kinda disappointed, why not both?

  5. Looks like Cream is not old enough to drive. I mean, it’s not like Vanilla would’ve driven for Cream. But Omochao and Company? “Did you know that we won the race?”

  6. I hope this means Cream is on a team with Blaze (and Silver? I’m not sure who the 3rd would be). I have nothing against Chao, but Cream deserves to be in this way more than them.

  7. I really hope the reason Cream is not in Team Rose is that she’ll appear in another team (with Blaze maybe?), otherwise it doesnt make sense to me why they’d remove her from Team Rose 🙁

  8. Do people even like Cream that much? Considering that the appeal of Sonic is to play as these badass anthropomorphic animals to kick a mad scientist’s ass, Cream as a pacifist, goes against that

    1. That’s an exception. When it conflicts with Cream’s area of interest, that’s when Cream decides to go on the offensive against Eggman.

  9. All this focus on Cream, and no-one’s mentioning how Amy’s car looks so… generic. There’s no style to it at all: it’s just a rounded slab with some pink bits and a place to sit.

  10. @YoshiAngemon But that’s the thing, though. Cream really only goes after Eggman if either Vanilla is kidnapped or when the others drag her. That being the case, the pacifist aspect about her needs to go. She as a character I feel needs to grow a little, just like Tails did. As annoying as Charmy is, he still has spunk compared to her. Maybe give her some traits like say Dixie or Tiny Kong, she’d be a bit more accessible. Otherwise, it’s no wonder she doesn’t get used much these days.

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