Sonic Triple Trouble is Getting a 16-Bit Makeover in a Fan-made Remake

Sonic Triple Trouble had all the makings of a fantastic 2D Sonic adventure, but—shackled by the 8-bit restrictions of the SEGA Game Gear back in 1994—fell short in a number of ways by no real fault of its own.

Enter Noah Copeland, in collaboration with Overbound Game Studio (the same team of fans responsible for Sonic Time Twisted), who seeks to correct this injustice with a question:

What if [Sonic Triple Trouble] became a Genesis/Mega Drive game?

On his Twitter, the project lead spoke of the original Triple Trouble as “a cool classic Sonic game buried under Game Gear limitations,” and seeks to revisit the game with updated music, art, and level designs with the Time Twisted team, as the teaser trailer above shows. Copeland also considered a Sonic Chaos remake at first before ultimately deciding on a Triple Trouble tribute, but isn’t ruling out “the powers of lock-on technology.”

Keep an eye out for a demo of the fan-made remake at this year’s Sonic Amateur Games Expo, which kicks off this summer on July 28.

If you’re interested in giving Sonic Triple Trouble a try for yourself, you can download it for the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console version via the eShop.

Source: Twitter

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    1. Same thoughts whenever a fan game is released, I mean why play a Sonic game on PC when I can enjoy it along my other Sonics on GameCube… or Wii… or Wii U for that matter.

  1. One does not simply show a Triple trouble remake trailer without Nack the Weasel in it and expect hype from me. (Insert Boromir)

  2. ….This is gonna be PC only isn’t it?

    Can’t play it on a Mac. Can’t play it on an emulator.

    Woe is me, that i cannot play the best of Sonic Fan games, and the only fan game I can play without crashes and bugs is the one currently selling for $20 😛

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