Sonic Adventure 2 is Now Xbox One Backward Compatible

Can you feel life moving through your mind?

With word from Xbox’s very own Larry Hryb, “Major Nelson” himself has revealed today that the Xbox Live Arcade version of Sonic Adventure 2 is at last Xbox One Backward Compatible. Those who previously owned the remastered HD edition of this classic on Xbox 360 can recover the digital download at no extra cost; those interested in picking it up can do so for $9.99/£6.75/9,49€.

Sonic Adventure 2 first launched for the SEGA Dreamcast in 2001 before being ported to the Nintendo GameCube the following year as Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. The game featured Hero and Dark story modes—where you could respectively save the world as Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles, or conquer it as Eggman, and the newly introduced Shadow and Rouge—and a Chao Garden where players could sink countless hours into raising adorable AI creatures known as Chao.

With SA2, all retro Sonic games brought onto the Xbox Live Arcade have now been brought up to speed on the Xbox One, thanks to Microsoft’s backward compatibility initiative for the platform. Barring Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, the only Xbox 360 Sonic titles remaining to be ported over to Xbox One are the retail releases:

  • Sonic the Hedgehog (2006);
  • SEGA Superstars Tennis;
  • Sonic Unleashed;
  • Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing;
  • Sonic Generations.

I wouldn’t expect Sonic Free Riders in its original state to make the cut, however, due to incompatibility issues between the Kinect and the Xbox One’s backward compatibility setup.

Although Microsoft is also pushing for a curated list of original Xbox games… so I suppose we can cross our fingers and hope for Sonic Heroes, Shadow the Hedgehog, and Sonic Riders as well!

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  1. I wouldn’t mind if they just add controller support for sonic free riders, the game would be better off without it being kinected

  2. I feel glad for the XBox One owners but I’m still waiting for the PS4 release.

    Though if this comes for the Switch I may finally buy the system when this comes out!

    1. Axis, PS Now is as good as it’s gonna get with PS4. Now the Switch will be a different story but only if they put SEGA games on Virtual Console. Just keep in mind that this generation is just about over. So don’t expect a PS4 release of SA2. Same with SA1.

      1. This generation isn’t even close to over though. Microsoft just released the XB1X, the PS4 Pro came out last year too. It’s probably gonna be at least 2 years until any new consoles are talked about

  3. Don’t forget about Sonic Mega Collection Plus and Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection. I’m especially hopeful for SMCP since that’s the only way you can play S3&K with its original save features in place.

  4. Anyone who has been playing SA2 on Xbox One has it been freezing up for you too?

    It’s been freezing up like everytime I go into Death Chamber.

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