Sonic Runners Adventure coming to the App Store and Google Play

After months of waiting, Sonic Runners Adventure is finally coming to Apple and Google’s official mobile storefronts. While Android users have been able to buy the game for the past several months through Gameloft and some other websites, the game’s arrival on the App Store will mark the first time iOS users will be able to play the game.

While the announcement trailer doesn’t have a firm date, the game will likely arrive on both storefronts within the next few days.

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  1. Still no release date?!… Why does this trailer look more fun than anything about Sonic Forces?

    1. Is this what Sonic wants to become on the home consoles? Sonic is truly limiting himself if he keeps the boost power up. I feel that the ability just makes the game automated and we don’t get to play much of Sonic. Sonic is slowly becoming a point-and-click game right in front of us.

      They need to slow Sonic down, just like in Lost World, but give him more challenging bosses. If they want to mix in Adventure and Heroes elements then that is great. However, an open world would be awesome to have and not just the cylindrical worlds.

      1. Boost CAN be good if done right. Take any of Unleashed’s daytime stages for example. You’re almost always required to think fast, and there’s barely a moment where the game doesn’t keep you on your toes.

        But when Boost is done badly, boy is it BAD. Take any of Forces’ Sonic stages for example. 90% of the time it’s just straight hallways and speed boosters. The 2D sections are also a bore.

    2. What do you mean still?
      It’s been out for months on gamelofts store, and they just announced it for the App Store and Play as far as I know.

      And I personally don’t think comparing a pre rendered trailer showing almost nothing, to gameplay from a different game makes much sense, but I can assure you Forces is more fun than Runners Adventure, it’s awful compared to the original Runners, unless they’ve fixed it up from the original release.

    1. They’ve released five games on the platform (four of which even have Achievements that can be tied to an XBL account), and from what I understand Microsoft is discontinuing the platform. Windows 10 is a viable platform though, and that would work with both PC and tablets such as the Surface.

    2. WinPhone’s market share has always been too small for many companies to worry about, and now MS have pretty much given up on the platform themselves. So, I wouldn’t hold out for a release anytime soon.

      (Full disclosure: I’ve owned three Windows Phones, including my current Lumia 950, and liked them all)

  2. About time. I still prefer the original game’s aesthetic, but it’s good to have something like it again. Does this one always have to be online too?

  3. Newsflash: Sonic Runners Adventure has been released today, December 20th of 2017, on the App Store! I don’t know if it was released on this very same day on Google Play, but there you go!

    1. in which continent ? i’ve been checking everyday, but in the google play store i can’t find it, and i’m from France.

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