Sonic X-Treme Amy Rose Models Found

You may remember a report we made a couple of years back about a LinkedIn profile we found for Sonic Xtreme’s Lead Artist Ross Harris which stated he designed character models for the game, including Amy Rose. Well, The Sonic Stadium has now found a portfolio website for the artist which features the above models for Amy Rose as well as models for Sonic and some badniks.

Harris reveals Amy Rose was to be playable and would use rings as a projectile weapon to attack enemies with as long as she held some. Each ring would deplete her overall count, so using that last ring would leave yourself vulnerable since as we know rings in Sonic games are your health.

Amy Rose
What would have been the first female playable character in a Sonic game. Amy holds a ring in her hand which could be thrown as a projectile at enemies. As rings equal lives/health, you were literally judging whether to throw your life away or not!

You can check out the other models in our gallery and head over to Ross Harris’ website for more details.

Source: Ross Harris’ website

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  1. Wasn’t ring-throwing a thing in the demo for that cancelled SatAM-based Sonic-16 game? I wouldn’t be surprised if they actually considered reusing it for X-treme.

  2. if Mania is actually a success as it promises to be and they go for a sequel, they should definitely consider adding Amy Rose to the roster. She is in every way a classic era character.

  3. I so hope they will and Classic Amy into it. She was after Sonic CD, kind of a part of the whole roundabout. To see her in her classic look, would be great and it would fit perfectly.

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