Sonic Mania Achievement / Trophy Guide

So Sonic Mania is out and available to download on home consoles. On PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, there are a range of Achievements and Trophies to collect and challenge yourself with. If you’re having trouble getting some of them, why not look through our Game Guide for some pointers?

NB: Spoilers inside, obviously.

Check back regularly for video guides on the below achievements!

No Way? No Way!
 Collect gold medallions in Blue Spheres Bonus Stage

Guide: There are 32 Blue Sphere stages in total; you access these by hitting a Star Post whilst holding at least 30 rings. You earn gold medallions by completing a Blue Sphere stage with a ‘Perfect’. And, you get a ‘Perfect’ by collecting all rings before grabbing the very last blue sphere in a stage. Good luck!

Full Medal Jacket
 Collect silver medallions in Blue Spheres Bonus Stage

Guide: This is related to the above achievement, only there is a lower bar to clear with this one. You need to simply complete all 32 Blue Sphere stages with any grade. Seeings as there are only two grades – gold (for getting ‘Perfect’) and silver (for simply completing a stage) – it should be relatively easy to get this one. Mind you, some of those Blue Sphere stages are rather brutal…

Magnificent Seven
 Collect all seven Chaos Emeralds

Guide: Easier said than done, but still pretty obvious what the game wants from you at this point. Collect all seven Chaos Emeralds. You find entrances to the Special Stages within giant rings hidden within Zones. Each Special Stage is a 3D looping obstacle course where the objective is to collect blue spheres (to speed up) and rings (to extend time) in order to catch the UFO ahead which is holding the Chaos Emerald. You start off at Mach 1 and can go up to Mach 3 speed; be careful to note your surroundings in the Special Stages and prepare to take corners early when going super-fast (you can even jump around corners if you’re going fast enough).

See You Next Game
 Achieve any ending

Guide: This one is pretty simple, and you’ll most definitely encounter it no matter what you do. Simply complete the game as any character, either with or without all of the Chaos Emeralds.

 Spin the Star Post!

Guide: Hit a Star Post at top speed. The easiest way of doing this is in Green Hill Zone Act 1, when you enter the classic ‘S’ bend and hit the Star Post before entering another ‘S’ bend. Make sure you’re going as fast as you can!

That’s a Two-fer
 Find the hidden item boxes at the end of the Zone

Guide: This one is pretty cheeky. To get this achievement, you need to reveal two hidden power-up monitors using the Act 1 stage marker. For those who don’t know, at the end of Act 1 in any Zone, once you’ve beaten the boss, you can hit the falling banner and knock it around. You can do this as many times as you like until it makes contact with the ground. If it reveals a power-up monitor, the banner bounces – you need to find two power-up monitors in a row for it to count.

Now It Can’t Hurt You Anymore
 What would happen when you cross a bridge with a fire shield?

Guide: In Act 2 of Green Hill Zone, you’ll come across the dreaded wooden spiked bridge of old. Speed past that, and you’ll head into a waterfall area in which a number of Buzzbombers surround you. The prize in the middle is a fire shield – grab it, and then backtrack to the bridge. Once you burn it down, the achievement should pop.

Triple Trouble
 Try for a 3 chain combo!

Guide: You activate this achievement during the Act 2 boss in Chemical Plant Zone. If you’ve ever played Puyo Puyo / Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine, then you’ll feel right at home here. The objective is to pair up four or more beans of the same colour in order to send blank beans to your opponent’s chamber. You can chain combos of multiple coloured beans to build up a barricade of blank beans. Stack your beans in such a way that when one set disappears, it lines up another set of four beans to disappear, and so on until the achievement dings.

The Most Famous Hedgehog in the World
 Have your photos taken in Studiopolis Zone

Guide: There are bat-like badniks in Studiopolis Zone that come quite close to Sonic, but rarely touch (unless they’re feeling super-bold). They have flash photography mechanics in their circuitry; when these bat things get near, they will take a picture of you. Allow any number of bat enemies to take photos ten times in a single Act for this to count. These badniks are often shy though, and will fly away after a couple of pics, unless you can trap them somehow (you don’t need to be in view of the badnik itself, you both just need to be in the frame).

Window Shopping
 Let the wind take you through

Guide: During the Wing Fortress-esque gauntlet that is Flying Battery Zone Act 2, you will come across an outdoor section where there are two panels with a view outside (usually with a trail of rings leading behind the space between the two panels). Get to the furthest panel away from your current position, and jump up so that the air current pushes you back through the panel and back out the other side. The achievement will unlock then.

Crate Expectations
 Wreak havoc at the propaganda factory

Guide: About halfway through Press Garden Zone Act 1, you’ll come across a fire shield tucked away behind an ink pot (containing Splats badniks) next to some brown wooden boxes. Get the fire shield, and break these wooden boxes by using the fire dash (double jump as Sonic). You’ll enter a small room with more boxes. Destroy all of the boxes in the room to reveal a 1-Up, a spring to return to the path you came from and the achievement.

King of Speed
 Get through Stardust Speedway Zone as quickly as possible

Guide: You must complete Act 2 of Stardust Speedway Zone in under 1 minute in order to pop this achievement. You can achieve this in Time Attack mode as well, so the best strategy is to keep learning the level layout as you go, resetting the stage every so often so you can perfect your run.

Boat Enthusiast
 We really like boats

Guide: There are boats dotted around Hydrocity Zone Act 1. If you try to take the higher routes throughout the stage, you’ll eventually bump into one of them. These long boats allow Sonic to travel across water (albeit slowly); by standing on the edge of one of these, the boat moves in that chosen direction. Ride all three in Act 1 to pop the achievement.

The Password is “Special Stage”
 Try pushing a barrel to see how far it goes

Guide: In Act 2 of Mirage Saloon Zone, on the lower route you will enter an indoors area and encounter a big barrel. This barrel will have two glasses on top of it. Stand next to it and push it from the side. You’ll drop to a hidden area, and there will be a spritzer nearby. Press on the spritzer and quickly run along the jetstream that appears, and you’ll be directed up into a secret area where there is a Special Stage giant ring. The achievement unlocks once you enter that area.

Secret Sub
 You might have to submerge to find it

Guide: Once you get to Oil Ocean Zone Act 2, you’ll notice that there are a number of submarines that allow you to pop inside and play around with some badniks before jetting off to another location in the stage. There’s a hidden sub tucked away at the very bottom of the map; to get there, you need to travel as low as possible, until you reach the oil ocean itself (you’ll know you’re in the right place because there will be a number of large brown swinging platforms). Then, jump into the oil, being careful not to sink too low so you may drown, and travel as far to the right as possible. You’ll need to sink under oil to jump underneath some of the scaffolding, but you will eventually find the sub. You’ll know it’s the right one because it contains only one small room with a 1-Up and a bunch of other goodies.

Without a Trace
 Barrel through the lava, don’t let anything stop you

Guide: In Lava Reef Zone Act 2, you’ll eventually come across a metal walker contraption sat on a platform next to a lava lake. You need to cross the lake, which is patrolled by Rexon badniks – jump on one leg of the walker to make the vehicle move across the lava safely. Keep jumping from leg to leg to maintain motion; to unlock the achievement you need to be moving as far across the lava lake as possible, crashing into all the badniks you find along the way.

Collect ‘Em All
 Gotta gacha ’em all

Guide: This one is quite tricky, and requires you to be flight of foot during the Act 2 boss of Metallic Madness Zone. Eggman’s contraption is something akin to a gacha capsule machine; you must turn the handle in the middle to release the gachas (mini versions of old Sonic 1 and Sonic 2 bosses) to beat the boss. What you have to do for the achievement, however, is make sure you turn the handle enough times to unleash all of the miniature bosses without destroying them. When Eggman has run out of gachas, he will fly off – then you will need to defeat all of the miniatures at once to unlock the achievement. Best character to use for this is Tails, as he can fly around turning the handle a number of times without needing to touch the ground.

Professional Hedgehog
 That elusive perfect run, only a professional can achieve

Guide: This is obtained in the final level, Titanic Monarch Zone. Even though the second Act is designed a bit like a gauntlet, it’s actually Act 1 that you need to be perfect at to earn this achievement. As the description suggests, you must complete the entirety of the Act without taking any damage – that includes shield damage as well, and yes it includes the Act Boss. Just learn the layout and be patient towards the end and you’ll get there.

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    1. Sorry, we made a slight error on that one — we’ve double checked our notes, and we’ve edited the entry for Superstar. See if it works for you now!

      1. About the boat trophy.
        I have travelled on several boats but no trophy ? Does it have to be one specific boat ?

  1. You show a picture of the platinum trophy in the banner, way to rub it in 🙁

    Thanks though, will be checking here for the stage specific trophies.

  2. Just a small note, you can transform into Super Sonic in Titanic Monarch Zone Act 1 to make the Professional Hedgehog trophy easier.

  3. There might be an easier way of getting the Green Hill trophy; if you play as Knuckles and follow the top route in Act 1, you come across a fire shield en-route and there’s a burnable bridge right after it.

  4. I completed act 1 without getting hit, and i didnt get the trophy? Doesn`t it work if i use Super Sonic?

    1. I unlocked Professional Hedgehog using Super Sonic in the Xbox One version. However, I think that the game may count the Egg Robo coaster crashing into a wall as a hit, even when you’re in super form (as you still flash from it). In those areas, try jumping out of the cart before it hits the wall to avoid this and, assuming you take no shield damage before transforming and don’t get hit when you transform out after landing the final hit on the boss (which does count against you), it should unlock.

  5. Do you have to do the perfect run as Sonic? I swear if I just spent the entire day trying to do it as Knuckles but it has to be Sonic I’m going to shank someone.

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