Sonic Forces Release Date Confirmed

With Mania released Sega seems to be turning it’s attention to Sonic Forces, will Forces hit the critical high that Mania has? We’ll find out in November.

According to reports coming out of Gamescom, Sonic Forces will be released on November 7th 2017, this is supported by the newest issue of Famitsu, which quotes the game as being released  on November 9th in Japan.

We are also expecting a lot more Sonic news to drop tomorrow so don’t forget to check back then.


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      1. Yeah, but given that the game was developed for PC and then ported to consoles it really makes you wonder what is actually screwed up on the game, and then you have to feel bad for the console players that basically got shafted because they got a port of an inadequate product. Sucks that there are still a few days left before I finally get to play the game, but I’m happy that I’ll be getting a finished product and not something that will need to be patched at a later date.

  1. I wish someone would translate all the stuff from Famitsu because this game looks AMAZING

    The tag team system is like Sonic Heroes but a duo and I think that is so cool

    1. There’s not gonna be a demo released to the public unfortunately. The reason why is because Aaron Webber said that it would delay the game even more if they release a demo for Forces.

  2. I hope it gets delayed to like late November/Early December. Mario Odessey is coming out before Forces by a little over a week and and anyone in their right mind would buy Mario Odessey over Forces if they had to choose. I feel like Forces is gonna underperform if it’s too close to Mario Odessey’s release date.

    1. Then again Sonic Forces is multi-platform, if anything it will underperfom on the Switch, then again again the Switch doesn’t have much games yet.

  3. I’m more excited for this now, just watched the tag-team gameplay and I’m glad they’re focusing more on platforming action of the 3D segments instead of them being just high speed hallways.

  4. I can’t wait for Forces, it looks like the generations sequel I’ve wanted for nearly six years and it’s pretty cheap to preorder right now, I put mine in for the switch version for £35 on amazon, about a tenner less than Mario odyssey for anyone having to choose between them….

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