Sonic Forces: Tag Team Gameplay Released

Well, we told you that there would be Forces news today! Sega have released 30 seconds of gameplay footage from the newly announced tag team gameplay mode.


The footage doesn’t show too much, just Sonic and an Avatar running through Green Hill Zone and using a new Wisp Power.

Fortunately someone at Gamescom managed to record a longer gameplay clip.


Starts at around 9:15. I won’t spoil it for you so check it out for yourself.

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  1. Sorry if the put the comment twice. I was trying to add something to my last comment. It is my first time commenting on this website.

  2. Wished that Sonic Team would delay Forces for improvements on level design (and UI, beta design?).
    Gameplay seems fine.
    Also, thanks OC for keeping your mouth shut!

      1. They only delayed Mania, not Forces. Forces had no set release time except “late 2017” at that point

  3. well its nowhere like heroes, they did team attacks with there special abilities this is weird. And sonic color looks lighter then the usual dark blue, reminds me of boom. creating your own character with grappling and a weapon looks pretty crap, reminds me of shadow the hedgehog

  4. I don’t think forces will be bad but if the stages have level design similar to all the levels we have been seeing so far I think the game is gonna be meh because honestly these levels look pretty bland in terms of level design in my opinion.

  5. Has that guy never played a Sonic game before, or are the controls really that unintuitive?

  6. Looking quite good, I like how the platforming action in this stage is 3D and not 2D, I think in the end the Forces will be like:

    Sonic Mania > Sonic Forces > Sonic Generations

    And while not everyone will be happy with these games I believe is a huge improvement of what we have got in the past 3 years.

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