Sonic Mania Soda Exists!

Promotional items, they can be strange, they can be wonderful, they can sometimes be eaten, or in this case, drunk! Jones Soda has partnered with Sega to produce a limited range of Sonic Mania branded Soda. Currently a comic con exclusive but comments on Facebook point to a possibly future release, the soda comes in three flavours.

  • Sonic Blue Bubblegum
  • Tails Orange Cream
  • Knuckles Strawberry Lime

If you happen to be at comic con, head over to the Futurism Pavilion for the chance to win one.

Source: Jones Soda Facebook

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  1. I really like orange cream soda, and I really like Tails.

    I assume you can tell I want one.

  2. The Sonic one sounds terrible but would try.

    Oh by the way anything is eatable if you really try.

  3. Eww… Bubblegum flavored soda? Why not a real flavor like ‘blueberry blast-processing’ or ‘chili dog’?

  4. I really hope these become available online and are able to ship to the UK. I keep buying Orange and Cream Soda at every convention I see if at. It is probably my favorite drink out there and now that Sonic Mania is a part of it makes it even better. Yay Marketing strategies!

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