IDW Reveals the Sonic Comic’s Editor

While IDW’s new Sonic comic is still many months away, it already has an editor: Joe Hughes. As the editor, Hughes will effectively run the entire book. IDW is still on the hunt for writers and artists, and is reportedly considering both veteran Sonic talent and new faces.

Joe Hughes used to be the manager of a New York City comic book store called Forbidden Planet, before getting a job at DC Comics. Starting as a direct sales representative, he eventually became an assistant editor on DC’s Vertigo imprint. He left DC in 2012 to become the Editor-in-Chief at ComicsAlliance, a major comic book news site that closed earlier this year. He joined IDW just a month ago.

IDW’s Sonic comic is scheduled to launch at some undetermined date next year.

Source: IDW Publishing

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    1. “Does anyone know their submissions policy? Seriois question.”

      Do you mean as a writer? I do know that IDW have hired people from the Transformers fandom in the past that have proved themselves independently, with varying results.

      1. Same question, but for artists.

        I previously submitted portfolios to Vince Lovallo for Archie but always came up short. I don’t know if will be the same experience or fulfillment showing work to this new guy or for a new Sonic comic, but I at least need to try.

  1. They should have Ian Flynn, Tracy Yardley and Evan Stanley as the writers and Tyson Hesse, Tracy Yardley (again), Matt Herms, Jamal Peppers, Patrick Spaziante and Ben Bates as the artist, and have the stories from the cancelled issues be put into the new one since I don’t think they want to have all their work go to waist.

    1. Wish that would happen, but I can’t imagine business complexities allow for that. Almost certain this will be a total reboot; the best we can hope for is that they do some homages to the original comics and invite the artists/writes to do some stories from time to time.

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