IDW Announce NEW Sonic the Hedgehog Comic for 2018

SEGA and IDW Publishing have today announced a partnership to continue Sonic the Hedgehog comics in a new series in 2018. The news comes a day after SEGA officially announced the end of a 24-year partnership with Archie Comics.

According to SEGA, creative teams are still being formed at IDW, with more news to come later. The news shot also hints that the writers and artists are involved in the news comics, stating they are in talks with “Sonic fan-favourite creators and new creators alike”.

As always, TSS will keep you up to date as news comes!

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  1. Gotta warn folks in advance though; Don’t expect any of the Archie cast to make a return with this. It seems to be a clean break and SEGA are very unlikely to carry over elements they’ve viewed as out of date for years now.

    1. Maybe the ones created in by Ian Flynn but the freedom fighters can still be in it

      1. Doesn’t matter if it was Flynn-made or SatAM-originated, SEGA would want nothing to do with both. The FFs especially given as they haven’t represented the “current” franchise for 22 years.

        1. They’ve represented the comic part of the franchise for 22 years though. Not saying they’ll show up in the IDW comics, but the Sonic franchise is made up of more than the games.

        2. Where did you hear that from? I’ve never hear Sonic Team say anything about the freedom fighters. Until someone shows me some evidence, I not gonna buy it solely based on word of mouth.

    2. I’m expecting a clean break too, and while I’ll miss the Freedom Fighters (and a bunch of other characters), I’ve already accepted the fact and moved on.

      1. It is more logical to start fresh – which makes me wonder, how this new world for Sonic would look like been a clean start? IDW is really kicking it these days with many of their license, but it is a good thing some of the old artists might be coming back for a fresh start as well.

    3. It’s unlikely that they will return but keep in mind that Sega bought and owns the Freedom Fighters.
      It’s not impossible for them to return just not likely.

      1. But I want Sally Acorn and the Freedom Fighters to be part of IDW Sonic. I have sent 2 snail mail letters to IDW to date – one with a pic of Sally Acorn, the other with a pic of the Freedom Fighter team (Sally Acorn, Bunnie Rabbot, Rotor, and Antoine D’Coolette). Hope IDW listens and may give the big plans when they attend the October 2017 New Yokr Comic-Con!

    4. I don’t think it’s nearly that cut and dried. I’d bet money IDW is going to do a clean break at the start, but I won’t be surprised if the Freedom Fighter characters show up in a new role down the line, even if it’s as a side group or allies. Their TMNT continuity has slowly integrated stuff from the Fred Wolf cartoon and Archie TMNT Adventures series, to the point the freaking Mutanimals of all things got a three issue miniseries. The Fred Wolf cartoon was persona non grata in anything else Turtles for decades.

  2. I bet Ian Flynn, Tracey Yardley, Evan Stanley, Ben Bates and a few others would move from Archie to IDW to work on the new comics ^^

    1. I don’t think they will… In the comics industry leaving Archie to work on another publisher’s stuff could be like suicide.

      1. Ian’s freelance, meaning he doesn’t work for any one company; he works for any that gives him work. I’m pretty sure the other three are freelance, as well.

      2. suicide schmuicide, I don’t think they want their work on the cancelled issues to go to waist.

    2. Flynn’s worked with them before on TMNT, so there’s already a relationship of sorts there.

      1. Ben Bates also contributes to the main TMNT book and has done MLP stuff too. Yardley’s even Jokingly begged IDW for work.

        Being tied to one company works for some but when you’re relatively smaller names you need to find work where you can to make a profit.

  3. I hope they keep it focused on the characters from the games, instead of making up a bunch of characters that add nothing to the series. The Archie comics were too crowded with characters that didn’t really do anything, but drag the plots down, and make things more complicated. There were too many characters and side stories, that it really drove me away from wanting to read any of it. What’s the point in trying to get to know the characters, when the comics can’t decide who they want to focus on? Things got too complicated when they tried splitting the stories between different comics, like Sonic Universe, Sonic Boom, Mega Man, etc.

  4. I’m expecting Tracy Yardley!, but let’s cross those fingers for Ben Bates.
    I should check out some more IDW stuff too.

  5. While there are some cons to ditching the Archie canon, it may just be better to start fresh. Simplicity can really help with an idea like Sonic, and while recent Archie Sonic has been great at balancing stories, it still felt overly bloated by what came before it. It’s not really Archie’s fault, but it just inevitably happened over time. I’m really curious to see what comes of this new Sonic comic. Secretly hoping Tyson Hesse is brought on board.

    1. Part of the problem with Archie is that elements of it just sort of became redundant as Sega Sonic evolved and actually started adding character tics and story. I was still reading back when the change-over happened and Archie really had to reach to try and fit the stuff the games were adding into it. I think I remember that they made Station Square some kind of underground city, because there wasn’t much else they could do to fit it into the world they established. I don’t even remember how they dealt with Adventure 2, but I doubt it was pretty or seamless.

      IDW’s got an advantage in that they’ve got a bunch of stuff to work with going in and can figure out what to do with it if they want.

      1. “I don’t even remember how they dealt with Adventure 2”

        They made a shortish intro story, then ended by saying “What to know what happens? Play the game!”
        In short, they didn’t even try.

  6. We all saw this coming. It’s not very surprising. I’m not expecting any of the Satam characters to appear, it’ll be a fresh start and will definitely be more in line with the games.

    Also, say hello to the world of Equestria!

    Because you know damn well they’ll pull that shit.

    1. That’s on the proviso that SEGA lets them, and that is a genuine question mark considering how strict SEGA tend to be.

      But heck if a crossover does come out and I can get Vecpio and Rarijack material out of it simultaneously then I’m on that board man.

      1. Yeah well, Archie’s stunts with Sonic and Knuckles in the past have been legendary to say the least.

        It really says something when the stable post-SGW was only archived by SEGA acting like the KGB towards Archie.

    2. Honestly I do not think SEGA would want such a crossover to happen, in the past they could have done it (not speaking of comics, just in general) but I really do not think SEGA would care to crossover Sonic with My Little Pony… It wouldn’t even make sense.

  7. Well we will have to wait and see, maybe the Fredom Fighters will show up, maybe not. But I’ve always been team Sonic and Sally!

  8. Plenty of us old Sonic fans would love to see the Freedom Fighters survive the move, but I’m under no illusions that they will. Who knows? Maybe Sega will pleasantly surprise me for once.

    1. How about a series of Crossover Variant Covers:

      TMNT – Mikey introduces Sonic to Chili Dog Pizza, with comical results!
      TransFormers – Metal Sonic and Starscream plot against their leaders, OR Tails is riding in Bumblebee.
      My Little Pony – All of their friends get ready to watch a race between Sonic and Rainbow Dash!
      GhostBusters – Knuckles and the GhostBusters go up against King Boom Boo
      The X-Files – Team Dark’s Shadow and Rouge are dressed up as Agents Mulder and Scully, or something involving Sticks.
      Jem and the Holograms – Amy Rose is all decked out in the Jem glam!

          1. That’s what I said. It’s not the first time IDW did crossover variant covers. To commemorate the 75th Anniversary of Archie Comics, IDW did covers of the Archie gang in different things. For example, a Star Trek cover depicted Archie and his friends dressed in the attire of the crew of the USS Enterprise. A Jem cover featured Betty and Veronica in the shot with Jem and the Holograms. Back to the Future’s cover had Archie as Marty McFly and the Riverdale gang in Hill Valley. TransFormers had Archie driving Hot Rod, with Betty and Veronica in front. And the X-Files had Mulder and Scully in Riverdale, meeting Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

  9. I think IDW will stay true to the games. Heck if I had the rights to the comics I’d be doing that as well.

  10. That’s awesome! I’m very excited for this, me as many more fans thought about this possibility but I thought it was a longshot!

    Personally I’m loving what Sega is doing with Sonic lately, Sonic Forces and Mania look amazing, IDW feels like a good home for Sonic, they almost lost me as a fan during the last 2 years but now I couldn’t be happier about it, so yeah, criticize me or mock me if you want but Sega has all my praise right now.

    Now I know a lot of fans are mad at Sega for parting ways with Archie but all evidence points that they don’t have all the blame in this situation, so I would suggest to everyone to be open to the new possibilites for Sonic that are unfolding right before our eyes.

  11. New Beginning huh? Let’s see if turn out for Sonic Comic I just wish that Sega shouldn’t end this partnership with Archie’s comic

  12. As IDW are basically ‘the guys’ to go to for licensed comics, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were the ones who made the first move on Sega.
    “Nudge nudge, are you sure you’re happy with those Archie fellas? We could do you a blindin’ deal, Sniff” 😉

  13. So no Sonic the Hedgehog/Power Rangers crossover?

    Too bad Boom Studios didn’t pick it up.

    By the way, I do not see how a Sonic/My Little Pony crossover would even begin to work.

    At least Power Rangers has a villain that could actually team up with Dr. Robotnik

    1. If Boom Studios got the rights we could have seen the crossover that actually makes sense….


    2. I wouldn’t rule it out. IDW has worked with Boom in the past to produce Star Trek/Planet of the Apes. So Sonic and the Power Rangers isn’t unlikely.

      You can probably tell how in favor of that I am.

  14. Hope they bring any of the creative team willing over. They got Simon Furman from the original Transformers series to work on it in 2006 and Kevin Eastman on TMNT. Ian Flynn and Ben Bates have worked with IDW before and all. I get that I probably won’t see an existing non-game character again, which is a shame but the fact they survived the last reboot is something, and like some of IDWs other stuff so willing to give this a chance, probably.

  15. Knowing IDW they like to stick to the script and try not to stray away from the original source, so there’s a good chance that sally and all the others may not come for this new comic. Not that I don’t want them to I could care less but it’s probably best for a fresh new start and maybe rebuilding the sonic universe from square one.

  16. Good. The comic has been needing to lose that useless western baggage it’s been lugging around for 20 years. It’s time to ditch the Freedom Fighters and return to the only Sonic canon that matters. The best and truest canon that those geniuses in Japan cooked up so many years ago.

    That’s right baby, time to bring back the Sonic OVA.

  17. I grew up with the Freedom Fighters and quite frankly, I want them to stay. The last few years have been…not dire, but boring. And boring is worse than rubbish in my opinion (at least if it’s rubbish, it’s got a reaction out of you). I thought there was a lot of depth to the Archie universe and to be honest if I want to read a comic about the games, i’d probably just play the games instead.

    The OCD in me would like the numbering to continue.

  18. This should be interesting. please say the storylines will actually go forward and evolve the characters.

  19. Finally we’ll get Sonic comics again! With all the publishing problems Archie has gone through, it’s been almost two years of hiatus. I think the publishing choise isn’t such a suprise to anyone, let’s hope they kick start a nice new Sonic AU. I can most honestly say I won’t be missing any of the old Freedom Fighters. Like I already said, I’m just sorry a 24 years long saga didn’t get it’s proper ending.

    My only hopes for the new comics are that they do manage to create something original and not just copy-paste the videogames, like STC did with Super Sonic and Amy’s characters. And also that they don’t make Eggman too much of a walking joke like in Boom, but an actual villain again. And please, PLEASE don’t let Amy be just a fawning, obsessively blind fan-girl!

    1. Don’t forget that Archie published a future story line and showed that everything worked out in the end. That was a good idea since we get a glimpse of how things end for our heroes. I believe King Sonic started a new set of Freedom Fighters with everyone’s kids.

  20. I just hope they don’t do anymore of those variant cover stuff…. That turned me off from collecting the comics… I have #0-250 something… but didn’t want to quadruple my collection with variants… not to mention empty my wallet lol. And am sad to see the freedom fighters leave…. Grew up with them as well. But I’m interested to see where Sonic goes!

    1. yeah, but it would mean that Eggman would have to hit the Cosmic Reset Button for the umpteenth time. I would rather have the series start over from scratch on a clean slate and that it should follow the games closely.

  21. As long as the comics carry a serious tone and treat Dr. Robotnik as a serious threat then the comic is good for me. If it is going to be treated like the Sonic Boom television show or the My Little Pony series (focusing on comedy or simple messages) then no thanks. I love that IDW got it but I respect how Archie went through some mature themes.

    Remember how Archie had Sally get roboticized, Antoine sacrificed himself when Metal Sonic tried to take out the prince, Bunnie had a breakdown because she lost her cybernetic parts, and Ixus was taking over? Those were some serious topics and I want to see more of that (with or without Freedom Fighters).

  22. Will we see characters from the British Sonic the Comic pop up as well? Like Tekno the Canary, or Shortfuse the Cybernik?

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