Meet Infinite in the Brand New Sonic Forces Trailer for SDCC 2017

Among the familiar faces fighting under Eggman’s name in Sonic Forces comes a brand new villain by the name “Infinite.” SEGA dropped some new music for the occasion with a dedicated theme song featuring vocals and lyrics by Dangerkids band members earlier today (and sounding so deliciously Shadow the Hedgehog-like, I might add), and now we have a trailer dedicated to this dangerous new evil as well.

Give it a watch above, and share your thoughts with us on Infinite in the comments below!

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  1. Huh. Not bad. The cutscenes seem a bit rough around the edges, but I imagine they’ll be polished up by the time the game comes out.

  2. Does anyone know who the voice actor is for Infinite? I swear I have heard that voice from somewhere before.

    1. It’s Liam O’brien. He voices Gaara from Naruto and Yasuo from League of Legends. Many other things, as well

    2. Liam O’Brien according to IMDb but he sounds just like Illidan Stormrage from Warcraft Universe so am sure that’s him.

  3. This game will give me a bigger headache than Freedom Planet or Sonic Adventure 2.

    Video Game Media won’t grow up like this.

    1. Infinite is Shadow Ɨ Shadow raised to the power of Shadow, then sprinked with Shadow sprinkles and served with Shadow Cola and Shadow Fries, and a free Shadow toy šŸ™‚

      And before you ask, yes, I *am* taking the piss šŸ˜‰

      In all seriousness though, Infinite is pretty edgy, and we all know how well that turned out for Shadow…

  4. I’m waiting for GameXplain to get on this but I can still grasp the obvious and my own theories from this trailer. When it comes to villains in the Sonic franchise, I always liked some of the atmosphere they would bring with them. Eggman was moderately threatening when I first saw him in Heroes regardless of his design or that of his machines, he sounded and looked like he meant business. Chaos was a familiar bipedal water creature that didn’t speak which was unsettling, his transformations, depiction through the mural and his final form made me fearful when I was younger. Metal Sonic and Shadow look like Sonic much akin to looking in a mirror and seeing a darker version of yourself knowing it could have been you with a wrong step. Zavok while not having extreme depth of character did have that Saturday morning villain trait that is he’s just evil, which works for him.

    Infinite… He actually feels legitimate. He is so close in appearance to other characters and yet his character is so far removed from what we know in terms of villains in this franchise. Being faster than Sonic in a certain way isn’t new (still effective though) and having a threatening aura was present in a few past characters, yet he carries this persona in a way that makes him feel more ‘anime’ where in a few series, those villains feel closer to home. He reminds me of Wizeman from Nights in a sense via bringing about fear and hopelessness through doubt, which happens in life too. In Sonic’s case; being faster in some capacity is just a hit on his self-esteem, Infinite represents a worry that was deep in Sonic’s consciousness during Black Knight’s story “What good is a world that goes on forever?”. Infinite’s name and apparently his abilities challenge that aspect of his character, it’s very subtle but also quite effective.

    I doubt that will get expanded on too much in the story but then again, who knows. In regards to the trailer itself, I’m liking the look of the world so far, not to mention the much improved cutscene animation. We never really see character on character violence outside of CGI cutscenes so it’s nice to see them go ahead with that, not too mention they seem a bit more expressive overall, particularly in the face, which has been a long time qualm for the fanbase. I am genuinely intrigued in the story as a whole, particularly the villains motivations. Overall, color me impressed, Sonic Team may have found something that works, reception seems to be good so far anyway. Looking forward to more.

  5. I don’t like Sonic’s Voice and that’s making this really hard to like.

    Also, I have a hard time understanding what Infinite is saying.

  6. Lmao at all the comments about infinte on youtube. “E for Edgy”. “Cuz Shadow wasnt edgy enough.” ???

  7. Ah great, another ‘faster than Sonic’ edgelord. At least his design looks cool.

  8. He seems a lot like mephiles tbh. Or maybe this game continues from where “Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood” left off and Infinite is an incarnation of Argus? He even has echidna like flowing hair.
    Ik ik thats not the case but it actually would fit very well

  9. I like how when Forces was first revealed, it looked like it was going full throttle with a darker tone. With this trailer, I’m about 80% sure Sonic Team is just fucking around.

    1. Which I’m totally fine with by the way. I would rather take a self-aware story than an overly-serious one that failed horribly because it’s about a bipedal blue cartoon hedgehog that can sprint faster than a jet.

        1. Same here. To me the story seems to be taking itself fairly seriously and is giving off some fanfic vibes with it’s characters and settings… The create a character isn’t helping much with that either.

  10. Gotta say, we’ve been seriously missing this much character in a while. I don’t just mean a new singular character, I mean as in the actual weight of having a new enemy and them actually being a big deal. I can tell they were trying to go for this with the Deadly Six but they fell painfully short of the mark. This, this feels much closer to that mark. The theme song is on point with deliciously cheesy Shadow-esque edge vibe, the character’s overall design, aesthetic, voice delivery, and personality (from the few glimpses we got anyway) compliment it satisfyingly well, and the general air of mystery about him does add a good dose of intrigue that I feel like has also been missing from the series for a while.

    I mean, each Sonic game has always had a degree of “wait what could this actually mean?” about it in their promotional stages, but I don’t know, something about this one seems almost…”special” to me somehow. Like as much as people are drawing Shadow comparisons for the sake of “Ow the Edge” jokes, I feel that the comparison is actually more appropriate than you might think, like I don’t think a new mystery antagonist has ever been made to be this interesting since Shadow in SA2. I can’t wait to see more of this guy, what the hidden truths to his mysteries might be, and how well they might actually be using him compared to previous new antagonists.

    Yeah yeah, I know, it’s still too early to say, I’m trying not to get too swept up by the hype winds right now. But as much as there is an occasional thing revealed that gets me a tiny bit concerned about this game, there almost always seems to be another thing that gets revealed later that actually brings my hopes back up to a reasonable (or at least enjoyable) level, and this is one of those. I really hope that as rough as some edges of this game might be, that overall it will have so much worth enjoying that you easily tend to forget those rough edges (as few as they will hopefully end up being).

    1. Not really fair to say that he’s interesting based off of one trailer.

      I will admit his theme is really good, though. Glad they’re doing vocal themes again.

  11. Kinda paused the video at times to see if I could spot anything secret or just “off”. Found a couple things:

    – When Infinite dodges Sonic’s attack, Shadow turns to reveal his eyes have no light shine on them. It literally looks like he’s souless. Now this may be just an error in the cutscene that they’ll correct before the release, but in that particular moment Shadow kind of reminded me of how Mephiles’ eyes were.
    – When Sonic is talking to Tails, you can see Chaos Zero in the background. And when Metal Sonic flies down right beside him, the water texture on his character model starts bugging out very badly. Again, something they’ll patch soon.
    – If you pause the video on certain times when Infinite is kicking Sonic around, you can see that the bottom of his shoes has the same logo that you see towards the end of the video.

  12. I can only hope that with there being a character creator in Sonic Forces, Infinite is some sorta really meta-villain. He just reeks of edgelord fan villain to me and it would be awesome if they played to that on purpose…

    …I’m guessing that’s not the case though.

  13. He’s like a throwback to all the stupid anime like plots in the Sonic series like Shadow and 06, and that’s why I can’t help but love it.
    Like everyone has been saying, he’s like an over the top OC villain, but we we have our own OC to fight him with.

  14. Everything regarding Infinite got me very excited, love his design, his voice actor and his powers look cool so far, Iā€™m guessing he will have reality altering powers like Doctor Strange.


  15. What are the chances that Infinite and the Custom Character are connected somehow?

  16. I still feel Sonic’s voice is unfitting to the point it doesn’t sound like its coming from the character…. like Roger is a fantastic voice actor but he’s not right for Sonic, always sounds fed up these days or annoyed.

    plus I feeI Sonic Boom has kinda ruined Roger’s Sonic. whenever he speaks I just think of Boom and get ready for him to do something stupid or say something silly.

    Thanks to Boom his voice has become a joke now, I cant take what he says seriously.

    1. Same here, same here. Boom has nearly ruined Mike Pollock for me as well… all the current VA’s have essentially been tainted by Boom, and we’ve barely heard them much in the games still!

    2. Smith’s Sonic has been a bad joke since the beginning. He’s fine for a show like Boom, but his voice in the regular series is terrible.

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