New Sonic Forces Villain “Infinite” Gets his Own Dark Theme Music, Courtesy of Dangerkids

It’s only been two days since we were introduced to Tee Lopes’ “Hi Spec Robo Go!” for Sonic Mania‘s Hard Boiled Heavies, and today SEGA has come around with another new song just in time for San Diego Comic-Con, this time for the new villain starring in Sonic Forces.

Composed and arranged by Tomoya Ohtani, as well as guitar by the legendary Jun Senoue, the new track features vocals and lyrics by Tyler Smyth and Andy Bane from Dangerkids, aptly titled “Infinite.” Those who enjoyed the edgier and darker theme songs from Shadow the Hedgehog are bound to get a kick out of this tune, as well as better insight into the character of Infinite himself.

What are your thoughts on Infinite’s theme music, and how do you think the Sonic Forces OST is shaping up? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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  1. Oh yeah, thats a wicked theme I can get behind.

    I want this BLARING behind the BossBattle for this guy. 10/10

    1. Oh dude, YES. AFTER YEARS OF WAITING. THIS SONG IS BEAUTIFUL. THIS IS WHAT IVE BEEN WAITING FOR. IM NOT KIDDING. I NEEDED THIS SIGN. THIS GAME WILL BE PRACTICALLY THERAPEUTIC FOR ME. After how bad things have been with sonic. BOOM and the comic ending, although i’m excited to see what IDW does.

      1. Go check out dangerkids. Ive been listening to them for years and theyre great. They killed it with this song.

  2. Absolutely grand of a theme song. This has to be unironically the best track to come out of Sonic Forces so far imo

  3. Sonic Forces’ best song is definitely Fist Bu-

    *this comes out*


  4. Look at his name and design. Infinite. A mash up of the custom characters designs. You are the villain.

  5. I felt like I was six years old again listening to this. Hearing drums, bass and awesome guitars, while dealing damage on the warpath in Heroes and Shadow the Hedgehog are some of my best memories. Feels good to have that back.

    Infinite’s theme reminds me a lot of adventure (more adventure 2 than 1), as well as Shadow the Hedgehog, 06 and the storybook series in its tone and composition, being heavier and rock/metal oriented. It maintains the fun and free feeling of the former genre, while incorporating the action and meaningfulness sans the overaggressive feeling of the latter genre.

    It works for Infinite I think because despite being unable to see his face, you can feel his intent without any dialogue, it’s like the song represents what’s on the heroes minds as they confront him. Would love to hear more of Forces soundtrack coming up to its release but this will sate me for a good while.

    1. Doesn’t Shadow technically have two already (I Am All Of Me and All Hail Shadow)? I’m not against him getting a new one, but equally, I’m not sure he needs a new one.

      1. No, he has way more than that. Sonic has a lot more than anyone else though so I want a new Shadow Theme.

  6. With all the glitching happening on the screen, I feel like Infinite could be one of those characters that breaks the fourth wall. I have no evidence or anything…

    But it would be cool.

  7. Not a fan of the lyrics (the tracks from the Adventure era are more poetic), but I am *loving* that guitar work! 😀

  8. A lot of people on youtube think the song is ‘edgy’ for lack of any better terms. I’m sat here remembering the first time I listened to the Shadow the Hedgehog soundtrack in full and got blasted by Powerman 5000’s Almost Dead. Very much unexpected since I never finished the game on dark before. Nevertheless, Infinite’s theme is fairly tame compared to some past themes in this series. Still very good though.

  9. I love…LOVE Infinites theme! It’s awesome! I hope he betrays eggman…like every single guy that has worked for him did..that would make my day if eggman got beat by the new villain

    Also…Jun..keep up the awesome gutairing..I miss hearing you play in the sonic games

    (I hope Crush 40 has a song or something in Forces..that would make me really happy..cuz Sonic and Crush 40 are perfect together)

    1. Crush 40 actually was in the Infinite theme. As far as I remember, the vocals are from dangerkids, while the music is Crush 40’s work.

  10. I hate where this is going… Infinite is first the worst, hardest and toughest enemy in this game, but in the end, fails to beat Sonic because of some plot device. I hated it when Sonic suddenly was able to use Chaos Control back in Sonic Adventure 2. Seriously, this will be painful.

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