Sonic Forces: Soundtrack Style Is Character Dependent

During a recent interview with Playstation at E3, SEGA Community Manager Aaron Webber revealed that each character in Sonic Forces (Modern Sonic, Classic Sonic and “the Rookie”) will have their own unique soundtrack style.

“…the music changes too depending on who you’re playing as; modern Sonic has a more traditional Sonic style, Classic Sonic has very retro, throwback music and the hero character…”

Although it was not mentioned in the interview, it seems the custom hero levels are will conform to vocal, J-pop-style tracks. By “traditional Sonic style” for modern Sonic, it is likely that this refers to either a more rock-orientated soundtrack, or a synth pop style that has become synonymous with Tomoya Ohtani’s work in recent years.

Many will be pleased that to see that it looks like the Sonic Forces soundtrack is set to return to one of mixed genres, similar to those of the Sonic Adventure series.

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  1. Similar to the Sonic Adventure series…. except no Crush 40!

    I like Tomoya Ohtani’s music, but let’s be honest…. it pales in comparison to the Rock N’ Roll glory that is Jun Senoue’s electric guitar riffs!

    1. I dunno…

      The members of Crush40 are getting on in years and aren’t getting any better to me. I’d prefer completely new rock/metal groups to come on board for Sonic especially after what TeeLopes did for Classic in Mania.

      I’ll take fresh fruit right off the vine over what has sat and spotted over time.

  2. I like what I’ve heard of Forces so far. I would say that it’s fairly similar to the runners soundtrack because of how fast it is and the drums and synths feel flat in some places but I do really enjoy it.

    My favourite track overall so far is definitely current Sonic’s Park Avenue. The guitar work, use of synths and deeper drums reminiscent of earlier 3d titles mesh well with the destroyed scene. They also give off similar vibes of time is short and hope is lost like final fortress; rail canyon, westopolis gun fortress, crisis city and end of the world had. I’m looking forward to what else is coming.

    Additionally, custom characters Park Avenue as well as Green Hill stage and miniboss have some really nice composition from what I’ve heard. Like Unleashed/Rush stages with decipherable lyrics, which I like.

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