Sega Forever Announced for Mobile, Sonic the Hedgehog Updated

In a very 90’s inspired advert, Sega have announced a new way to play classic titles from their back catalogue.

Sega Forever is a free to play scheme which will allow you to play classic Sega titles on your mobile device. The new games will include leader-boards and achievements and will span titles ranging from as far back as the Master System to the Dreamcast… yes you read that right, the Dreamcast is included.

Controller support is also promised and we also noticed an ‘invite friends’ option in one of the menus, could two-player co-op/vs/challenges be also on the way?

The initial list of titles launched include Sonic 1, Sonic CD, Comix Zone, Vector-Man, Altered Beast and Phantasy Star 2. But you can speculate away as the trailer includes images from Shinobi, Splatterhouse, Golden Axe, Alex Kidd and Crazy Taxi.

Whilst the service is advertised as being ‘free’ this will be offset by the inclusion of in-game adverts, however you can get the adverts removed by paying a fee of $2. We’re unsure as to if this is a per-game basis or per-month basis.

The games should be live in Asian markets as of now, the western markets should receive them on June 22nd.

Keep with TSS for more news as we get it.

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    1. They said they’ll consider putting it on the Nintendo Switch if demand is high enough.

  1. Kinda irritated they make such a big deal about this being for ALL THE SEGA CONSOLES and then they only show Sega Genesis stuff, with one Master System Alex Kidd and one Crazy Taxi icon quickly thrown in. I already got my Megadrive Classics on a PSP compilation disc, show me some Sega Saturn games. Then I’ll be more impressed, those are a lot harder to get.
    NiGHTS on a mobile phone, now there’s a Dream come true. Ha…ha..ha.

    1. If you already paid for Sonic 1 before the update, just tap on “Restore Purchase” to remove ads.

  2. So… Where’s Sonic CD?
    I haven’t seen it on Google Play in awhile and I’m still not seeing it after this announcement.

  3. I don’t know if the mobile games are anything to be excited about, but that advert was freakin’ genius. SEGA!

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