The Sonic Movie To Release In 2019

Ever since it’s announcement, details regarding the Sonic movie have been incredibly thin, despite being a live action-CG hybrid, we don’t even have a cast list for it, and it only very recently announced that Deadpools director would be directing the film.

So when rumours and mumbles of a 2018 release were being talked about, this seemed a bit unlikely given the lack of information released so far about the film.

Well, Sega have now said that the movie will now be coming in 2019 which is a far more realistic release year.

In an interview with Games Industry, they dropped the line that the film would now be released in 2019.

“Nostalgia is actually very much in vogue, which is one the reasons we’ve been chasing it down,” he says. “Everything Nintendo has been doing has been driving big waves in nostalgia, they’ve done some amazing things and they had a lot of success with the classic NES. There is a film and documentary coming out about retro gaming called Console Wars. We also have a Sonic movie coming in 2019.”

So there we have it, time to book your tickets to the far off future of 2019.


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  1. Tim miller is producing not directing, still he’ll get to make loads of decisions ala Michael bay / Spielberg
    The push back does put me at ease, for now.

  2. At this rate the Sonic The Hedgehog Movie won’t come out until I’m 80 if it keeps get pushed forward over and over again…

  3. This has me concerned. It’ll eventually get cancelled. They can’t follow their schedule?

    What’s the problem? They should have done everything with the script and casting by now if they originally planned to release it in 2016. What the hell takes 3 extra years? I’ll tell you what. A SEQUEL! They could have done a whole second movie in the extra time they have. This is wasting time and money and will end up deluding the final product. Filming doesn’t take THAT long. Lord of the Rings took 3 years to film… as in the whole trilogy! So it’s not like it needs that “extra polish” that video games need. We’re getting The Avengers: Infinity Wars before Sonic and that’s ridiculous given the amount of CGI in that and the amount of actors that have to be scheduled for that. They’re in the 80th day of filming or something and that movie comes out next year! XDD

    1. The reason there hasnt been much news about the movie is probably because Sega never even finished the script. If anything i think it may be a good sign that Sega has been pushing the date from 2016 all the way now to 2019. The past bunch of years has been a relatively big low for Sonic and so they’re now taking their time since they’re aware that a movie is a big move. If Sonic mania being delayed can be any indication to this, hopefully Sega taking their time is all part of a reformed cautious approach, that quality should come first, and they want to see the publics reaction on their latest projects Sinic Mania & Forces before moving forwards…

    2. Axx and Blue Hedgehog No. The new Sonic never had a 2016 release date. The movie was supposed to be released in 2018.

        1. You don’t have proof that it was going to be released in 2016. I saw no article about it being released in 2016. And that other article didn’t say it was delayed but would be released in 2018. So your statement’s debunked.

    3. I know a while back I heard (I can’t confirm this as it was awhile ago) that the guy who I think is writing it (I may be wrong it’s been awhile since I looked the guy up) was planning on writing the first movie to be open to a whole trilogy of films. I don’t know if it’s even true but if it ended up being true that would suck.

      Also, maybe it’s getting pushed back because there’s also a tie-in game in the works? It wouldn’t surprise me if there was one. Plus, they would probably want the game and movie to come out at the same time.

    4. Honestly SEGA themselves have confirmed that if this movie is to fail then the entire franchise is dead, so they want the movie to be perfect. It’s bad enough Sony is helping them but it is expected that SEGA takes their time with this movie. They keep pushing it back because they want to make sure there is nothing wrong, because a lot of people are already crapping on the film and claiming its going to be bad. Did you see the last Sonic movie Sony made? It took them three years to produce a live action/CGI that lasted 18 minutes and looked like it was done by a Grade 10 student. Imaging having to develop an anthropomorphic hedgehog that is meant to be faster than the speed of sound. No wonder they want to take time on the movie.

  4. I think that at this point they should just scrap everything and start from square one with a fully CGI film like the cutscenes we’ve seen in Modern Sonic games so far and cast Mike Polluck as Dr.Eggman.

  5. This paragraph isn’t even completely on topic with the Sonic movie, they’re just talking about Nintendo and nostalgia….

    Maybe they meant to say 2018, but it was just a typo.

    1. if it was set for 2018 we would have seen stuff about it by now. seeing as the film was mentioned in 2014

  6. Delay it all they want. Unless it’s fully animated or cgi not interested. Mixing cgi and live action for Sonic is a horrible idea.
    Plus wasn’t this being produced by Sony? Aren’t their movie department heamorrhaging money atm? Like that’s why they letting Marvel have creative control of Spider-man cuz they have no idea and actually need it to succeed?

    1. Why is it a horrible idea? It’s only horrible if they make him look too cartoony or too “realistic”.

      Story and action is under the same level of risk as if it were fully animated.

  7. I think they should scrap the cgi/live-action idea and instead have it fully computer animated

    1. Maybe they should get Rainmaker Entertainment do it, since they did really good with Ratchet & Clank! Despite it being on Netflix, I have the Blu-Ray Combo Pack for just such an emergency. The humor could be reminiscent of the Beast Wars!

      1. Sadly Ratchet & Clank did very bad at the cinemas, it was a box office bomb, it only made 10 million. it’s budget was 20 million. due to it’s failure it has stopped the Sly cooper film.

        Now Sly is being done as a TV show.

        I enjoyed the Ratchet & Clank movie tbh so i’m sad it flopped 🙁 no sequal then

        1. That’s a shame.

          I bought Ratchet and Clank on DVD. I really need to actually watch it.

  8. CG/live -action might actually be the killing failure for this film. You know it’s gonna turn into a Transformers mixed with Ninja Turtles and Smurfs…..

    My personal Opinion , Get Wreck it ralph director to direct it and make it all CG animated.

  9. Well that’s too bad. I was hoping this would quietly fade away until Sega denied they were ever working on a Sonic movie.

  10. I mean I guess I’d rather have it come out in 2019 instead of being rushed for 2018, but I’m still concerned that this is going to follow the typical movie trend where it just gets pushed back further and further until it is ultimately cancelled. I still want the time put in to make the correct decisions, but I also still want to see it actually happen.

  11. Just delay it until 2020/21, tbh. Then bring it forward once recording is finished, as an editing deadline.
    Also, the hybrid CGI is EXTREMELY frightening. It just raises 9 cons for every 1 pro.


  12. Obviously, the biggest red flag is that Sonic’s first western silver screen appearance is Live-Action/CGI, and that’s gone over so well in the past, hasn’t it, Rocky and Bullwinkle, Alvin and the Chipmunks, and Fat Albert. Putting the character in New York’d be the final nail in the coffin.

    If a Sonic movie had to be made, I think it should have been in the vein of Dreamworks’ Trolls; during the scene where Poppy ventures out beyond home to go rescue the others, a lot of sections reminded me a LOT of a classic 2D Sonic game; especially that scene where she runs away from that giant snake. The eyeballs aren’t unlike the those weird springy balls in Studiopolis. I’ve never actually seen Deadpool, but I’m still uncomfortable with SEGA handing over their defining character over to the studio producing the Emoji Movie.

    I wish the producer/director of this film were Genndy Tartakovsky and Craig McCracken; the WOY overtones and Samurai Jack-esque action would work tremendously in the character’s favor. Sonic has always been a colorful, musical, and immersive game filled with character, so it would make sense to hire these two for the job, especially after Sony cancelled Tartakovsky’s Popeye film. Sonic games, especially the classic ones, are more like playable road trip movies rather than games, so I think that the movie should have that feel. 2D animated scenes ala Captain Underpants would also serve the film well. The film should literally feel like they are playing a classic Sonic game, but also be invested in the adventure.

    Which in itself is tricky, as developing Sonic beyond the quintessential 90s attitude icon will prove to be a challenge.

  13. Honestly, why is everyone disappointed that SEGA is going through with the idea of a live action film? I’m not just saying this because I’m looking forward to it, but if you don’t want it then just don’t watch it? And let people who want to see it have it. It’s not like you HAVE to go and watch the film.

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