First Images of New Sonic Character In Sonic Forces

Today’s Nintendo Direct Live Stream revealed more footage from Sonic Forces today, but more interestingly gave a glimpse of a “new ally”, very likely connected to the third style of game play heavily alluded to in previous announcements.

While no other detail was given, the silhouette of the character can be clearly seen, with a very distinct head (possibly with whiskers), and a slim torso. Social media is already postulating about the character (including some amusing references to the 1990s platform character Bubsy Bobcat, a contemporary of Sonic), but we will likely have to wait for more details.

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  1. I’m guessing its some sort of wolf. And holy crap did that classic gameplay look nice

    1. Nah, Blaze’s dress is sort of a tailcoat and she has a part of her hair that goes upwards, would be easily visible in a shadowy outline.

  2. I guess what we think to be whiskers are in fact ruffled hairs/spines on head’s back. Must be Sonic’s son or daughter from the future or somethin’ like that.

  3. It looks like Blaze if she let down her hair out of the ponytail. Excited to see who it is.

    1. Holy crap… That’s actually possible. This is SEGA’s mandated redesign of Ant. The ears do match… I’ve been hoping the third gameplay is the Freedom Fighters working as a team to aid the Sonics.

      1. We really don’t need SatAm/Archie trash polluting the main canon. They need to stay where they’re wanted.

        1. “We”

          Just a hunch, but I really don’t think you represent the entire Sonic fandom.

        2. I’d much rather have SatAM/Archie “trash” than Bubsy, thank you very much. And by the way, a majority of us would actually like to see something like that happen someday. Or at the very least, it’s own spin-off game series if Boom doesn’t get anything new.

        3. Well it would be better than Silver the Hedgehog because Sega made some crap characters too especially that rotten piece of garbage shadow

  4. Really hope it’s just a customizable player character that we get to modify in appearance, species, clothing choices, and gameplay choices. Because if not, then hoo boy that silhouette is just a little too generic to really fit in a modern setting. Seriously, at this point, a customizable character is the better way to go, at least that justifies making it look that simple and bland for promotional trailers. Plus, it makes the the “Join the Resistance” tagline make a little more sense.

  5. This is literally the only thing I’m excited for. I’m just a sucker for new characters. ?

  6. It’s not a customizable character. Where did this idea come from? How does a silhouette of an anthropomorphic animal = create your own character? This sudden assumption just makes no sense. There’s literally no reason to come to the conclusion that the character is a generic fill in for character creator or miis or anything of that nature. Nowhere has sonic team hinted that there could be character creation, it’s not something sonic is known for, it’s not something that would make a whole lot of sense in terms of traditional sonic game features. In fact what has been said is “and a new character will be introduced/will arise”. There’s no reason to interpret that as a secret message that character creation is the “new character”. It’s not said in any weird or hintful kind of way, it’s not said sarcastically or secretly. It literally means, the new character is an actual new character.
    My goodness, we were fighting about if adventure sonic was the 3rd character and now some are trying to force this character creator idea out of nowhere. Why can’t we stop stretching logic and just accept that the new character is just that, a new character.

    1. It’s not completely out of nowhere. The idea would match the tagline from the first teaser “Join the Resistance”, and a custom character would be fit “unexpected” description given in the recent interview. The silhouette also looks a bit on the basic side, which may have been done so it could fill in for the multiple possible designs (either that or the design of the character is just simple). This is actually reminding me a lot of Dragon Ball Xenoverse. From what I recall, the customizable player avatar from Dragon Ball Xenoverse was also advertised as a new character when they were first teased, and they’re the main character of the game. In fact, it was also mentioned the the new character “embodies the overall features of the game”. While that could also refer to demonstrating the power of an engine or physics system (like Silver did in 06), a custom character would also fit that bill.

      1. The join the resistance tagline hasn’t been seen since the first reveal trailer and at that time, a third character wans’t known nor was any other characters besides sonic. So it looks like “Join the resistance” is meant to apply to the plot in that, sonic’s friends are the resistance, sonic finds out eggman took over and joins the resistance. Even later than that, we find out classic joins after modern sonic and he is also “joining the resistance”. Really not much to misinterpret as being anything more there.
        The silhouette being simple is A. an assumption because we can barely make out what it even is, so he/she could end up not being simple after all and B. even if it is simple, it implies more to being just a simple character design rather than a stand in for custom characters. Sonic team has had a lot of criticism from gaming media about adding too many characters, too edgy of characters, and too forgettable of characters in past games. It’s been a long time since they made a new playable character all together, so maybe they are tip toeing around it’s design in hopes to strike a good balance between fitting in with both a modern game and keeping classic simple character design philosophies. This idea sounds aesthetically interesting to me personally as i love the classic designs. My problem with saying “it (Could) be either a simple design or be hinting at character creation.” Is that this implies that there’s equal evidence and likeliness of both when there is far more evidence for the design just being simple if you simply take sonic team’s words at face value. Really we have no reason to take sonic team’s interviews beyond face value and it seems silly to assume they mean more than what they are plainly saying. Maybe because the magazine is japanese and so the interview is a translation from japanese to english, it seems there is subtle hints in certain words like “unexpected character” when actually the translator is more likely just translating Iizuka’s japanese in meaning an unknowns/new/not previously establishged character. AKA simply translated… A New character. It just seems silly to give equal credit to both theories when one clearly has more weight than the other.
        Lastly. DBZ also having character creation and advertising it as a new character really doesn’t have anything to do with sonic. Sonic took a couple of ideas from DBZ in the far past, that doens’t mean everything that DBZ does now could start happening in sonic. That’s really stretching. First of all, DBZ is a show first and a game second or even third. The franchise is heavily story based and with that, the story has been established and non canon univereses can be added. So adding a custom character where you the player goes through the story makes some sense as there’s an actual established story, canon, and world for you to invest into and feel some sense of immersion because the world if full of many other human characters and the world is also established as having many characters and personalities that from all over which benefit the interactions of the characters in the story. With sonic, it’s a video game with gameplay that mainly focuses on the established character(s) in an isolated world where a handful of detailed characters exist and the whole point of this universe is to watch the small cast take on the one or two villains through gameplay. The gameplay doesn’t have a history of needing complete self immersion to enjoy, it’s best enjoyed as an audience witnessing another character completing his task. Watching the sonic cd intro for example or Just like watching super heroes save the day. There’s no need to watch a superman movie and think “man i wish there was some way i could feel more immersed into this story as if i was actually doing the saving myself.” No we want to be the audience that cheers the hero on, not convolute the world with characters that don’t mean anyting. I think it can be summarized into saying that DBZ, while also focusing on characters, is also heavily world based. You care about the world their in, the many people that live on earth are themselves characters in the story to be saved, and that fact that many persons and personalities exist is a way to compliment the main charactes as living in an established, fully realized world.
        However, with sonic, an established living world with many personalities is not necessary or even wanted by the mainstream media because the focus on just sonic and what the means from a gameplay perspective. Establishing a whole world of equally important characters weakens the focus and convolutes the idea of a hedgehog trying to stop eggman again.
        Character creation is baseless speculation at this point.

        1. I’d argue that there’s not really enough evidence either way to really discount one conclusion over the other. At this point the chances of it either being a simply designed new character or a stand-in for a character creation character (there has got to be a better term for that…) feel pretty even to me. Plus, there’s nothing suggesting that they never had the idea of such a concept even before teasing a 3rd character back at the first reveal trailer.

          Plus, all things considered, I feel like a character creation system would be much more preferable. Rather than having to see another attempt like the Deadly 6 fall on it’s face, I think it’d be much safer just making a system where all the character really has to do is interact and react to characters and events around them, at least they can’t say anything to offend anyone (though considering our fanbase, it wouldn’t take much…).

          Also, yeah I’ll straight up admit it, I’d kind of get a guilty pleasure in getting to make my fan character come to life…even though I really doubt I’ll get to give him that many spikes, lol.

      2. Yeah it could be a custom character but the characters they make stay with it forever and it could never be custom but that just by me

  7. It looks like a generic wolf.

    Maybe the rumour is true, maybe the third playable character is create your own. cause I’m hearing the third character will be a combination of both classic and Modern game play.

    Or maybe its Big the cat who’s lost all his weight

  8. Call me crazy… but it kinda looks like a living metal sonic…

    It’s a stretch, but that would be reallly cool. A reverse robotisized metal? Count me in!

    1. Ooh. A fleshy Metal Sonic.
      I wonder what name it’ll have if you drop the “metal”.

  9. Nicole in her lynx mobian form ? maybe third playstyle couold have something to do with cyberspace? that might be cool.

  10. You know, Steam has the SNES Combo Rom of Bubsy 1 & 2 for 5 bucks. And yes, I bought it,.

  11. I don’t know why, but I’m getting Chip vibes from this character, or its an updated version of Fang.

    Both of them had that thin generic look tot their previous appearances.

    I seriously doubt its a Satam character, mostly because why would Sonicteam care about a barely known about group of characters from a comic that has landed their employers in legal trouble twice in five years.

    1. I wouldn’t entirely rule out a Satam character however as it was supposed to be “unexpected” . I think it could be Sally , Antoine , a future version of Tails or maybe even Nicole in her physical form . The only characters SEGA has confirmed to not appear in this game are Dreamcast sonic and any character from sonic boom . But it really is hard to tell at this point what we will see .

    2. It could not be chip because chip is cute and small but if it was fang the tail has to look alike because he is part wolf part whesil

    1. LMAO
      I’ve been wondering where that character went, since it didn’t make its appearance in Sonic 4.
      I miss Pikachu in a sombrero…

    1. No the Werehog is soposed to be strong and have not skinny arms and his shoes don’t look the same or he never had gloves

  12. Will repeat myself for the finale time. Wait until e3(or possibly before as I was not informed of this teases) you will see it is indeed a new, original character that you create.

  13. This game feels like the Sonic Archie Comics, or, at least, it feels like it’s centered around one of the universes. Just my opinion, though. And, to further support my opinion, the new character could be one of the comic characters, eh? ??

    Heh, bit of a long shot. ?

    1. I don’t think it will be future Sonic because he looks different because Sonic Boom sonic is future Sonic

  14. I don’t know guys but I got a feeling that it’s gonna be blaze the cat seeking revenge type thing who know they probably redisigned her with a fresh new appearance from I’m understanding

  15. Well, they did say “new” character, right?
    Does that also mean “not ever introduced in anything”?

  16. well probably but they said it’s part of the resistance but it could be a new part of the Resistance I think it’s kind of hard to tell but Sonic never met Busby yet

  17. Yes it could be blaze but she dose not have her signature pony tail and it dose not look like her original cloths

  18. I don’t think they should do remakes I like the original what they looked like you know what I mean

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