New Sonic Forces Footage Revealed in Nintendo Direct

If you’re hungry for a few seconds of new Sonic Forces footage, Nintendo has you covered. The company showcased the game in today’s Nintendo Direct, giving us our first glimpse of classic Sonic game play. The level appears to be themed after Green Hill. The Direct also teased the game’s “unexpected character,” confirming it will be a “new ally”.

While it was technically teasing the Switch version, it is currently unknown if this footage was running on Switch or another console. Regardless, this seems to confirm that the Switch will be getting the same version of the game as Xbox and Playstation.

Check out the footage for yourself in the video below:

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    1. Would be pretty cool if the classic levels were a mix of multiple levels. Green hill + Sandopolis, Flying Battery + Chemical Planet, Hydrocity + Speed highway. These are crazy examples, I know. But it would be pretty cool nonetheless. A nice way to give freshness to the levels.

      1. Erm… you might want to look at the newest ‘The Spin’ article… it really doesn’t.

  1. Oh great, it’s Green Hill… again…

    Woohoo… I feel so nostalgic and etc… way to go SEGA… yeeee…

  2. If Green Hill gets a sandstorm, then you’d best prepare yourselves for…


  3. Boy, I did not expect any of this.

    Also, fuck me, we couldn’t have left Green Hill in Mania, could we? XD

    1. Given how far we are from the game’s release, I’d be suprised if the footage was anything new than alpha. Then again, I’m basing this estimate on my past experience with Somic games that had shorter dev cycles, and are usually still in pre-alpha at E3.

      1. Remember Unleashed? The fan base had a worse impression on very-early revelation of the game because of his graphics. You should take a look at it, because this game is on the same take that Unleashed once was.

  4. Green Hill Zone? Straight Line Zone, more like.

    It’s bad enough we’ve got Checkers and Grass for the umpteenth time but look at that terrible level design.

    First bad mainline Classic Sonic game confirmed.

      1. Care to list these reasons or is the bad smell I’m getting from you actually bullshit?

        1. Well it isn’t a mainstream Classic Sonic game firstly. Secondly, you genuinely​ cannot judge the level design of a game from two-five seconds of footage. Obviously it’s not possible to show that many different paths or whatever in that time and they wouldn’t want to do that anyway. Thirdly, “bad” would be purely subjective anyway, so your use of the word “confirmed” is unnecessary. Fourthly, “Straight Line Zone” is not a funny joke and you need to grow up

  5. Didn’t expect anything else so soon. Well that classic gameplay was pretty interesting, felt more weighed than generations from what I could see plus what looks like a water drained green hill zone, somewhat gave me chills could be a plot point maybe? That new charged silhouette has a familiarity to it and looks usually thin for a Sonic character but it still has that feeling of cool or epic you get from meter tall characters standing up to giants. There’s a ways to go yet bit I’m happy with what I’m seeing so far.

  6. i hope the momentum physics in Mania aren’t final. something seems off as the characters aren’t picking up speed like they do in the original Megadrive/Genesis days..

  7. That’s the Sonic fan base I know and love. You guys really hurry about some seconds of gameplay from a alpha build and probably from the first stage. I love how people say that the graphics is AWESOME on modern stage and shitty on this footage. Wtf? Seriously guys.

  8. Can I be honest? I really don’t think thats Green Hill. I mean it may look like Green Hill, but we haven’t seen the whole stage. It’s probably pieces of stages from the Classic Era combined due to the power Eggman found. You see that desert and Pyramid in the background? I think that’s Sandopolis Zone and it shows the results of Eggman using that power to send Classic to the future.

    Either that or thats Classic Sonic in the present and thats how far the destruction Eggman caused to the world

  9. They decided to rehash Green Hill Zone *again*? I mean, I like the zone a lot, but someone needs to tell Sega that doing a slightly altered copy/paste of GHZ in a Sonic game does not automatically translate to more sales. It just makes them look lazy.

  10. I’m worried Forces might disappoint cause right now it has so much potential and its looking exciting. but at the same time I don’t know if they know what direction their going for with this.
    There marketing it as a kinda dark and gritty game with Sonic at war but yet its still gonna be light hearted judging from the classic footage.

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