Sonic Forces is the title for Project Sonic 2017

Update (7:18PM EST): There was also a skit before the reveal that seemed to indicate the plot of the game. Apparently, it might take place in a world where Sonic has failed, and Eggman has finally won.

Update (6:48PM EST): Logo from here, HQ PNG one soon:


It was just announced at the panel that the official name for Project Sonic 2017 is now Sonic Forces. More as it happens!

This post will be updated by as it comes in.

We’ll get the official assets and will update here in just over 15 minutes.

Sonic Forces will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC as announced before.

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  1. This will be more than a SONIC Game! This will bring people back to loving Sonic just like how they used to with Sonic 1 again!

  2. Be prepared:

    Sonic Farces
    or….. Sonic Forces of [Insert Derogatory Phrase Here]

    There, I just saved all the haters some time.

  3. with giant egg man robots destroying the city. I think it’s safe that we all knew Dr Eggman had won, or something along those lines. This game could be the game we have been waiting for. fingers crossed

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